Keith Emerson Interview On The Moog Modular Synthesizer & The Future of ELP!

Keith Emerson did an interview with Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality earlier this year as part of a promo for a sample library he’s working on.

In this segment, Emerson tells some great stories about working with his Moog modular synthesizer, the Yamaha GX-1, the origin of the Lucky Man solo, his synth orchestra project and even the future of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

More below!

Here’s the beginning of the interview between Emerson and Kerzner. Keith talks about his latest work and young players influenced by his keyboard playing and writing.

In this part of the interview, Kerzner asks Emerson questions that came from a progrock forum called “Progressive Ears”.

Emerson answers more fan questions, including his thoughts about the album “Love Beach” and a rare collaboration with Peter Hammil that got “lost”.

via the Bob Moog Foundation

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