Korg microArranger Keyboard Workstation (Official Intro)

Korg has released this official intro video for the new microArranger keyboard workstation, a portable mini-keyboard synth workstation.


  • Compact composing/performing keyboard that acts as your musical arranger
  • 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard; Velocity sensing
  • Built-in stereo speaker system
  • 4 Stereo Effect Processors with 89 effect programs.
  • 304 Styles; each is a complete and interactive musical environment for capturing your inspirations
  • Each Style includes Intros, Endings, Fills, and four Variations, all are completely editable
  • Styles follow your chords, voice leading, and tempo settings – you are always in control!
  • 660 Preset Sound Programs and 128 User Programs provide excellent Korg sounds
  • 32 Drumkits; 64 User Drumkits;
  • SD/SDHC card slot for data storage, importing Styles, sharing data with a computer DAW, etc.

Audio demos are available at the Korg site. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

17 thoughts on “Korg microArranger Keyboard Workstation (Official Intro)

    1. Some people could take a Bontempi organ and do something wonderful with it, whereas others could fill their studios with super-league equipment such as the Roland Fantom G8, and never get as much as a minute’s worth of music that anyone else would want to listen to. It’s usually those people who denounce perfectly workable instruments as being “toys”.
      If you can’t get impressive results with this Microarranger, the problem is with you, rather than the instrument.
      I must admit, it’s only one part of my studio gear, but I’ve achieved some top-quality results using this instrument alone (during the learning curve), and anyone with a modicum of talent is going to get great results from this board if they’re prepared to put the work in.

  1. All you haters are just gonna get stuck in the darkness you so richly smear around you!
    I bet you never made a hit song!

    Why not let your dinky twiddles groove with a carefully collated rich statistical sample of the most played hit songs from last yesteryear’s FM hit classics for background – they’re way more professionally bland than your grumpy band mates could ever play and stay sane.

    Only the price might be a minor turd in the ballroom (at equiv of 5x the price for a carefully selected random sample of microkeys and VST plugins and filler packs that would do the same job…)

    1. I’m not a hater. I’m just out of the target audience, which might be somewhat around the age of six. And that’s the problem. A lot of stuff from Korg released lately is such a kindergarten sh’t. It seems that they are going the Casio-way. Years ago Casio mainly sold “keyboards” for $30 or less, typically found in the toy department. Now they have some not too bad digital pianos, but they still have to fight against this plastic-toy image. The only difference between Casio and Korg is that the Korg stuff is much higher priced.

      1. There’s something about those arranger or entertainer type keyboard (especially the cheesy ones from back in the good old days) that sparks creativity. They are a lot of fun. Granted, it’s a different sort of fun than is to be had with a MonoTribe, but unless you give such a keyboard a try (preferably live and in a style of music that is not typically associated with such keyboards) you really should not dismiss it out of hand. For live use in some styles of music it’s much nicer than to carry along a laptop and all that stuff. Just plugin some batteries, a cable, and you’re ready to go.

        1. That’s a good point!
          The way to get them is out of the bargain bin 3½ years after they were the Christmas #1 at Radio Shack – this is also the right time to start using them.

          Darnit, now I’m almost interested in what it would do if I feed it some Xenakis and Deicide…

      2. Years ago, Casio made some totally awesome synths that still rule!!

        Forget digital pianos – bring back the CZ-1 and VZ-1, phase distortion, and 8-stage envelopes!

  2. ” … the target audience, which might be somewhat around the age of six.” OR for a working 70 year old with a back that’s wearing out after 56 years of gigging …

  3. I am 65 and love the MA. A 6 yr old could not begin to use its capabilities. I have a Tyros and this is very much a 9 lb Tyros. Spare the insults and complaints. A tool this portable and powerful is exciting to me. Its a party that weighs less than my guitars.

  4. I think KORG is right on the money. I love it! I had the Korg Trinity and Motif 8 but I want this. I wanted something light smaller and easier. If it’s not for you… then it’s not meant for you!
    Thanks KORG for thinking outside the box!
    LOVE IT!

  5. Are any of you going to give a real review of the product or just bitch and complain? Thanks for wasting another 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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