2011 Grammy Award Nominations Go To David Guetta, Skrillex, Deadmau5 – But Who Would You Nominate?

The Recording Academy announced Wednesday nominees for the 54th annual Grammy Awards, with David Guetta, Skrillex & Deadmau5 each getting nods.

Nominations in electronic and dance music related categories include:

  • Best Dance/Electronica Album:
    • Zonoscope – Cut/Copy
    • 4×4=12 – Deadmau5
    • Nothing But The Beat – David Guetta
    • Body Talk, Pt. 3 – Robyn
    • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex
  • Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical:
    • Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
      Sonny Moore, remixer (Benny Benassi)
    • Collide (Afrojack Remix)
      Afrojack, remixer (Leona Lewis)
    • End Of Line (Photek Remix)
      Photek, remixer (Daft Punk)
    • Only Girl (In The World) (Rosabel Club Mix
      Abel Aguilera & Ralphi Rosario, remixers (Rihanna)
    • Rope (Deadmau5 Mix)
      Deadmau5, remixer (Foo Fighters)
  • Best Dance Recording
    • Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5 & Greta Svabo Bech
      Joel Zimmerman, producer
    • Barbra Streisand – Duck Sauce
      Duck Sauce, producers; Duck Sauce, mixers
    • Sunshine – David Guetta & Avicii
      Avicii, David Guetta & Giorgio Tuinfort, producers; Avicii, mixer
    • Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn
      Klas Åhlund & Billboard, producers; Niklas Flyckt, mixer
    • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex
      Skrillex, producer; Skrillex, mixer
    • Save The World – Swedish House Mafia
      Steve Angello, Axel Hedfors & Sebastian Ingrosso, producers; Steve Angello, Axel Hedfors & Sebastian Ingrosso, mixers

What do you think of this year’s round of nominees? And who would you nominate, if it was up to you?

23 thoughts on “2011 Grammy Award Nominations Go To David Guetta, Skrillex, Deadmau5 – But Who Would You Nominate?

  1. It’s very hard to decide who is worthy of grammy nominations, since it would require a good knowledge of the unimaginative and formulaic music which is out there.

    I avoid these types of music in order to live a more enjoyable life, and therefore cannot contribute a well informed suggestion.

  2. However if the grammy’s were devoted to good music – I would nominate the 16 week old baby playing animoog.

  3. well the grammys suck, so what do you expect? pretty sure they base their nominations on sales and popularity, not so much on quality. grammys are beyond outdated. i wouldn’t get my knickers in a bind over these crappy nominations.

  4. Myself, kid versus chemical, for most-ignored / least promoted artist. Wait, that’s not a category, fuck the grammy’s then…

    1. Soundcloud please, so we can determine whether you are actually good. Though that might qualify as “promotion” and eliminate your award…

  5. it’s the grammy awards. how are they any more relevant than any other Mutual Appreciation Society Award?
    Today’s underground is tomorrow’s establishment, and this is just another establishment award.

    whatever. it sounds like one hell of an after-party, bring on the ether and scotch.

  6. Am I the only one who appreciates the fact that in 2011 synthesizers are all over pop and dance music again, and frequently on the radio?

    I mean, I have to say I never really liked Deadmau5 (as a person – his music is somewhat tolerable) even when nobody had heard of him, and I am done with most David Guetta mixes after the first 20 (seemingly interminable) minutes…

    But Robyn is awesome and deserves the success after all these years! 😀

  7. “Best Dance Recording Barbra Streisand – Duck Sauce” – really?? I think that shows how important these awards are.

  8. you know what I hate more than shitty grammy nominations? people who moan about why their niche audio tastes aren’t represented at a massive mainstream award ceremony.

  9. Though I would not consider myself a fan of any of the nominated musicians, I think it is pointless to be angry about such awards. Every one defines “good music” in another way and therefore it is just the only possible method for such international and intermusical (is that a word?) institutions to measure quality – even if it is more about marketing quality instead of musical quality, but again: that depends on the listener’s taste.

    Of course, it is sad that this way artists who are already popular gain even more popularity – but that’s how economy works. Music BUSINESS is business after all…

    1. Correction: I meant to say that the only possible evaluation criterion for such international awards is to evaluate the sales figures. I forgot to write that in my post above 😉

  10. I’m not looking to knock what these guys are doing but, surely there must be something a little more interesting going in electronic music right now.

  11. Im kinda glad im not the only one that has a sacred hatred for these people, its not because of their success its because, i am disappointed in our race, and the fact that they dont know any better, being a kid growing up watching mtv (long time ago) music went from bad to worse, and at one point i just turned off my tv, im 23 btw, and the world and its music seems nothing like i remembered 10 years ago, im a lil bit scared what is gonna be considered “the best” 10 years from now

  12. NOISIA, Reso, Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Evol Intent, Zomboy, Excision, The Damn Bell Doors, Mustache Riot, High Contrast, Major Lazer, KOAN sound, Knife Party, Erik Prydz, Booka Shade, Netsky…

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