Tuned 808 Bass Drum Rack For Ableton Live

AfroDJMac is back this week with something for Synthtopia readers – an 808 rack for Ableton Live:

This week I have a rack that is made from an 808 Kick drum sample. It allows you to play the 808 bass drum as a pitched instrument, so that it stays in tune with your tracks. It can also be used for bass lines, and, at higher octaves, makes a nice electric keyboard type instrument.

In the video I go over how I made it, so that you can apply the technique to any sample, and then I dissect the individual components of the Ableton rack. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Not sure what’s up with the vocal mic audio on the video this week – AfroDJMac may have taken our “less discussion and more percussion” rant too literally.

Anyway – you can get the details and the download at the AfroDJMac site. And, if you like what’s he’s doing with his weekly Ableton Live downloads – don’t forget to let him know.

5 thoughts on “Tuned 808 Bass Drum Rack For Ableton Live

  1. Thanks Synthtopia! Guys, I’m sorry about the mic level, I Was having some problems with the screen capture stuff and did this video 3 times before it actually came out properly. Unfortunately, once it was done, the balance was way off. Maybe a little careless of me to just settle with it, but I really just wanted to get the rack out so I could start making dinner! I promise that the rack itself is pretty cool!

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