The Lost Episode Of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – The Meat Planet

 OT: Many Synthtopia readers have previously related the life-changing impact of Carl Sagan’s late 70’s PBS show, Cosmos.

The show prominently featured music by popular electronic music pioneers, including Vangelis, Larry Fast, and Isao Tomita. And it paired the music with spacey visuals that were, at least for the day, pretty mind-blowing.

For many readers, it was the first time that they’d heard this sort of music and it started a life-long exploration for new sounds.

We expect that few readers, though, will be familiar with this particular episode, The Meat Planet. In this episode, Sagan takes us on a journey to the often misunderstood Meat Planet, examining its origins, geological activity and atmosphere, among many other unsettling details.

This is either the infamous ‘lost 14th episode’ of Cosmos or it’s the result of billions and billions of microcosmic audio edits. Edits which, if stacked end to end, would reach to the moon and back a remarkable 7 and a half times.

Either way, we recommend against drinking hot coffee while watching……

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8 thoughts on “The Lost Episode Of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – The Meat Planet

  1. this is prolly the best thing ever posted on this site & prolly the best thing ever done, ever… Oh my dreams of ‘Mount Sustenance’ lol…

  2. Great stuff!- have to check more videos of him. He wasn’t that known in europe, so it is a great discovery for me. i can easily see, why so many people sampled him …

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