7 thoughts on “Art Rock Synth Jamming With Crayons and Antidotes

    1. Nice save at 3:05 though, when he loses his glasses, grabs them, and chucks them away. Also, something about his synth hand technique reminds me of Mike Score (of Flock of Seagulls).

  1. These guys are wicked, hope to see more in the future. I like when he plays keyboard, tenori, and somehow still plays the little kaossilator at the same time….skills.

  2. Duude.these guys are rad. He makes some pretty cool sounds with the tenori, plus hes playing eveeything at the same time. That takes some skills.

  3. I guess people are into “artists” who yell into a microphone, douse their vocals in so much reverb that you can no longer tell what words they are saying, and “play” kaos pads. Weird is not equal to good.

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