8 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Does Autobahn On The Midnight Special

  1. I often wonder how synth music sounded back in these early days to someone who had never heard a synth before, never mind a whole piece of music played with them. Classic stuff!

  2. You think that’s cool. Check out this vid on YouTube of Kraftwerk doing Pocket Calculator on an Italian music show, playing actual calculators.

    Righteous !!

  3. A German band had 8 minutes to play a piece of music that really can’t be whittled down to 3 and a half minutes without diluting its hypnotic power. Imagine that today. Actually, I saw a Youtube video of a show on NBC during the 50s, a PRIME TIME show on a national network, and it was devoted to Miles Davis. An hour of prime time network television devoted to avant-garde music. That is just impossible today. We have not progressed.

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