SunrizerXS Synthesizer Updated With SynthStation Support

Sunrizer SynthStation25

Developer BleepStreet has updated SunrizerXS, their software synth for iOS, to add support for the Akai SynthStation25.

Sunrizer is a fairly deep synth, featuring SuperSaw emulation, two independent multi-mode filters per voice, mod-wheel morphing between sounds, a programmable arpeggiator and effects.

The update adds a lot of value to both the Akai SynthStation25 and SunrizerXS. If you’re a SynthStation25 owner, the update means that you’ve effectively got a new synth keyboard for $3.

If you’ve used the combo, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “SunrizerXS Synthesizer Updated With SynthStation Support

  1. I like Sunrizer a whole lot (SuperSaw FTW) – but I’m kind of annoyed that I have to buy it again for the iPhone… ๐Ÿ™

    but making it work with my delightful SynthStation25 ….. OK, I guess they can have their $3!

    But please, next time just make the iPad app “universal,” OK?

  2. Two notes on SunrizerXS: 1) it is 3-note polyphonic on the iPhone 3GS; 2) it doesn’t seem to do anything (yet?) with the top four buttons on the SynthStation25.

    1. Are you sure about 5 notes on the 3GS? For me it seems to cut off after 3 notes.

      The app’s page is at
      and states the following:

      “*** The app requires at least iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 3rd gen. iPhone4 or iPod Touch 4rd gen. recommended for full polyphony ***

      ยท True SuperSaw sound emulation, first found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound. It’s possible to use 2 supersaw oscillators per voice ยท Polyphony: 7 voices on iPhone 4, 3 voices on iPhone 3GS”

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