Korg Monotribe 2 Update Compatible With MidiTribe


We’ve gotten word from Amazing Machines about compatibility of their MIDI add-on for the Korg Monotribe & last week’s Monotribe 2 update.

They say that not only does the Monotribe 2 update work fine with their MIDI kit, but the combination opens up some new possibilities:

Any MIDITRIBE Revision will work 100% with the MONOTRIBE OS 2.0 update and there is more, the MONOTRIBE OS 2.0 brings us two incredible new MIDI features:

1 – Velocity Sensitivity for the “Synth Part” (VCA Level)
2 – Control of the “VCA Level” using CC 7 (Volume) or CC 11 (Expression)

This demo shows the results of these new additions using Velocity and Mod Wheel Automation to create an much more “realistic” Accent Effect. At the end of the track you can hear a fade out of the “Synth Part” that was done by automating CC 7 (Volume).

If you’re a Monotribe owner that’s tried the MidiTribe add-on, let us know what you think of the combination.

4 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe 2 Update Compatible With MidiTribe

  1. I installed OS2.0 and Miditribe yesterday and it works great. Now the monotribe is also playable, not only programmable! I am amazed that Korg released an update for existing users. Thanks Korg! And thanks to Amazing Machines for the sweet MIDI add-on!

  2. The miditribe addon is really good. I am sure that people with previous mod experience can make their own quite easily but for people that are just starting up with hardware mods this was a really nice thing to have. The miditribe is really good. It adds all the keyboard playbility that the monotribe is lacking. Some things that I haven’t been able to figure out is that the pitch wheel from another gear (in may case the korg radias) modulates the pitch of the monotribe +/- 1 octave.

    overall midi tribe was worth it though, and it also adds more weirdness in the performace aspect of the monotribe: i.e if you sequence notes from another synthesiser or daw and send them to the monotribe you can also use the monotribes ribbon keyboard for even stranger sounding pitch shifting n effects…

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