DIY 8-Step Music Sequencer

Hex Inverter – a new source for synth DIY projects – has launched their online store and released the sympleSEQ – an inexpensive step sequencer project.

Here’s their announcement:

As such, sympleSEQ PCBs and component kits are now in stock and ready to ship from my cavernous laboratory. Please note that minimal and full component sets are quite limited. As the potentiometers and switches contained in these options are the most costly part of them, I have less on hand than I do plain circuit boards, so, get ‘em while they’re here! I most likely will not be replenishing stock on full/minimal kits once they are gone, but bare PCB/hardware sets should be in stock for some time.

The project is available in several formats, ranging from barebones for $25 to a full component kit for $65.

See the Hex Inverter site for details.

2 thoughts on “DIY 8-Step Music Sequencer

  1. Simple, stylish, and cheap, i hope these do well. It’d be interesting to see them design a synthesis module for it as well (like a mini Paia fatman)

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