Magic MIDI Uses Audio To Control Your MIDI Apps

Here’s a slightly bizarro take on controlling your music apps.

Alkex has released Magic MIDI, a free app that lets you use an iPhone as a 16-pad MIDI controller – no special MIDI cables required.

Instead, Magic MIDI uses audio to transmit the MIDI signals to your computer, over a standard male-to-male minijack cable. A free app (Mac, PC or Linux) is required on your PC, which turns the audio back to MIDI signals your apps can handle.

See the Alkex site for details.

Note: As of this post, Magic MIDI is not available in the US App Store.

2 thoughts on “Magic MIDI Uses Audio To Control Your MIDI Apps

  1. This guy couldn’t have timed his triggering a little better for the internet?

    Never the less, I think this design is Absolutely incredible. The greatness lies in it’s simplicity. It’s straight up and simple as hell.

    I have a Midifighter that I bought and used once simply because arcade buttons are cool and looked shiny. If I owned an iPhone as well, I would have this with me for those odd times that I could just bust it out of my pocket, easy peasy. Nice.

  2. HI,
    The app is in review by apple right now and is taking longer than I expected! Should have held back on the youtube post!

    Stay tuned!

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