Sunrizer 1.5 Audio Sneak Preview & Free Patch Library

BeepStreet shared this audio sneak preview of version 1.5 of its Sunrizer synth for iOS.

The new version will add a phaser effect and additional modulation features. Full specs and availability info are to come.

BeepStreet have also announced another free patch library, Dead Red Velvet, which is available within the app.

6 thoughts on “Sunrizer 1.5 Audio Sneak Preview & Free Patch Library

  1. I love sunrizer and appreciate the fact that beepstreet is keeping it fresh with updates and new patches! how many other synths are throwing out new patches … not many. BTW thanks for the sunrizer XS update with akai support !!!!!!!

  2. I love sunrizer… one of the top three or four ipad synths for me. The fact that they keep giving us free banks is nice. A lot of the new patches do sound similar but there are a few really good one in there too.

  3. I have never made my own library, until Sunrizer. I am a tweaker, and love to spend days twisting synthesizers, but I never have enough time to make so many sounds, that I could call it a library.

    Sunrizer is my first synth, that I have made 50 -100 sounds. This is so fucking nice synth to program, and not too simple either. And I don’t even have an iPad yet, but I’m using the iPhone instead. Every night before going to sleep I twiddle with a couple of iOS synths, and every night the Sunrizer library grows fatter. Fantastic news to hear that more effects are coming, and I’m even happier to hear that modulation features are growing too. I hope the iPhone version gets this update before I get an iPad(3).

    “The latest patch library really sucks. They all sound the same!”
    Tweak a little and save. Push a randomizer button, tweak a little and save. Adjust the morphing wheel, tweak a little and save.

    Most hardware synths presets suck, so an affordable synth, that is developed by a small team cannot possibly do a lot better.

  4. I have no qualms with the app, I’m just saying, the majority of the latest patches sound identical or nearly identical to each other!

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