The Blade Runner Brass Sound – From A Moog Little Phatty

One of the iconic sounds of synthesis is Vangelis’ Blade Runner brass sound. Originally created on a Yamaha CS-80, it’s been mimicked on just about every synth released.

Here, mik300z, who’s a master at ‘reverse-engineering’ iconic synth sounds, improvises with his take on the iconic sound, recreated on a Moog Little Phatty, with the help of the ‘Hall’ reverb preset on a Behringer mixer.

Here’s a follow-up video that explains the patch:

6 thoughts on “The Blade Runner Brass Sound – From A Moog Little Phatty

  1. #23 Nemo? My LP has that slot labelled “Atom Bomb Bass”. What OS is your LP Stage II running? Is there a later one now offered than 3.1?

  2. yeah it would be nice if he didn’t start on a preset with that tutorial video – or we could actually hear how what he’s doing is affecting the sound of the patch, rather than just playing a track over the top of it!

    would love to know how he’s getting it to sound exactly like that – i’ve come close a few times but I reckon it’s mostly the reverb he’s using

  3. I look a tad foolish in the comment above – the patch he’s using IS the patch you hear ‘Nemo’ named after nemo studios in london, it’s all in the description in the second video…silly me!

    will have a crack at this tonight!

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