8 thoughts on “A Little Sunday Downtempo Chillaxing

  1. I’d like to get into more live performance with these kind of controllers, but as they are essentially a series of blank pads, how do you know what each is going to do to your track? I know they are assignable etc but when it comes to performing, how do you actually make something happen that you want to happen (eg mute a sequence), as opposed to hitting one of the pads and hoping you remembered what you assigned there? Do you just have to memorise where you assigned everything?

    1. Andy H

      The grid on devices like the LaunchPad have multi-state LEDs which mirror what you see in the grid in Ableton Live.

      If the grid square is empty in Live, then the grid square on the controller doesn’t light up.

      If the square in live has a loop in it, the corresponding square on the controller lights up.

      If you active a loop by pressing on the controller button, it will turn green to show it’s active.

      If you organize your work in columns by things like bass, kick, snare, pads, etc, you can pretty easily make the connection between what shows up on your controller and what you see in Live.

  2. What a waste of an MPD32….buddy should of just bought a cheap M-audio Trigger Finger…if
    he’s only going to twist a few knobs and press a pad or two

  3. Didnt really get the point of this video, there was no performance and minimal live arranging, might as well just have hit play in a sequencer and stood back…

  4. this isnt as much of a synth jam as much as it is a controllerist performance. Controllerist are button dependent (there such a blank canvas)!. He does alot of fx tweaking and mixing on the mpd as oppose to blowing your mind with some sweet finger drumming, and i don’t knock it. Mixing down clips helps free up cpu load aswell, instead of the comp trying to sequence all that live and search for the samples on his HD. Maybe you could buy him a solid state drive if you didn’t enjoy it.

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