Evolvor Sound Design App For Percussa AudioCubes


This is a quick demo of the Evolvor sound design app for Percussa AudioCubes.

Evolvor is a MIDI application which generates LFO (low frequency oscillator) envelopes, which it sends via MIDI to any hardware or software synthesizer or sound effect connected to your computer.

Each envelope can be drawn using the built-in graphical envelope editors. Envelopes can be played back and looped with adjustable speed (by setting the cycle time in milliseconds).

Envelopes can lead or follow, which means that they play back by themselves (lead) or sum their own looping signal with signals from other envelopes (follow).

Each of the envelopes is automatically linked to a physical AudioCube on your table, a smart wireless block capable of detecting other blocks nearby, which are also attached to (other) envelopes.

When blocks are next to each other, wireless connections are formed, and envelopes will automatically sum up in the Evolvor software, creating new LFOs for your synths and effects in real-time. The AudioCubes display bright colors as visual feedback, which helps make it clear which envelope is where on your table.

By drawing your own envelopes and looping and summing them at various speeds, you can create complex sounds and sound effects.

See the Percussa site for more info on Evolvor.

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