15 thoughts on “The Electronic Music Works microModular Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Nothing appeals to me more than sitting in a dark room patching a modular – but alas I was not alive in the days of them, and as a student I have no money for one! This looks like a satisfying entry to modular synthesis just like the microkorg xl was an entry to VA synthesis or me.

    Also, commenting is totally broken on firebox with Windows vista – no text shows during entry to the form, and on submitting a comment I get a wordpress error about an invalid email address, even though it is correct.

    1. Too true. Doepfer alone has probably sold more modules in the last decade and a half than all modular manufacturers in all formats from the “first wave” of modulars (i.e. prior to 1980).

  2. Lovely little beasty. If it’s got a similar price to the mopho (give or take about 100$) I think it should sell well. I demand synthtopia update us when there’s new info.

    1. They have another video on this synth on their YouTube channel (psprojectbrazil). In the comments on that video, they say it will be 399 (i. e. the same as the Mopho) and will be available on January 10.

      1. I ave a Mirage and its keys are much nicer than anything else I’ve touched recently. Same cost as a 61-key MIDI controller, plus 8-bit sampling and 300-note sequencing.
        But knobs are def the way to go over counter-intuitive menus (like that of the Tetr4 ๐Ÿ™ You have to pay for a nice interface, and I bet the micromodular will cost.

  3. No smooth transition between triangle / square waves, perhaps rather a pot than a switch though.
    But if they’re separate circuits there could be separate outlets.
    Would it be electrically tricky to crossfade the waveforms?

  4. I wanna get one of these but dont have a controller with cv and gate. What is a cheap controller or sequencer that does have cv and gate? Thanks.

    1. It might be easier to use a Midi to CV/gate converter with a standard midi keyboard. EMW sell a converter themselves, and there are others from Doepfer, Kenton, โ€ฆ

      Doepfer and synthesizers.com have CV/gate keyboard controllers, but they’re not cheap. As for a sequencer, consider the Doepfer Dark Time (again, not cheap).

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