Making A Vinyl Pressing – Alessandro Cortini’s ‘Scientist’

If you’re into synths, chances are that you’ve got a few passions – about gear of a certain era, about analog or about a certain synth – that border on the fetishistic.

Putting your latest electronic music release out as a limited edition on red vinyl, in this day and age, probably fits into that category. But that’s exactly what Alessandro Cortini is doing with his latest SONOIO release, Scientist.

Whether or not you’ve got the vinyl fetish, this behind the scenes look at the making of Cortini’s new release is pretty hot. Full of retro tech, steaming machines and gooey vinyl, the video follows the pressing process from cutting the masters to pressing the vinyl to Cortini signing the cover.

The Scientist 7″ is available for $8 ┬áin a signed edition of 350 via the SONOIO site.

4 thoughts on “Making A Vinyl Pressing – Alessandro Cortini’s ‘Scientist’

  1. REALLY REALLY love the Drumcell remix thats on the B side of this record …
    it really brings the beef out of track! cant wait till i get my record in the mail.. would be awsome to here the remix version done LIVE.

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