Electronic Music Works Patch Generators For Vintage Synths

This is a demo of the Electronic Music Works Patch Synthesizer JX-810P, a patch generator for the the Roland JX-8P and MKS-70.

Here’s what EMW has to say about the Patch Synthesizer:

Our Patch Synthesizer is not just a patch randomizer, it uses an intelligent algorithm to create very usable sounds and has adjustable parameters to allow you to control the type of patch that will be created. Rediscover your synth with the EMW Patch Synthesizer series.

Electronic Music Works offers a variety of Patch Synthesizers, including ones for the Roland Alpha Junos and the Yamaha TX81Z / DX11. See the company site for details.

5 thoughts on “Electronic Music Works Patch Generators For Vintage Synths

    1. My 8P is not impossible to program, but with something like this you can have fun without starting from scratch by simply tune a couple of variables more to your liking. I was thinking of selling my 8P, but that little thing may have “saved” it. May not buy it right away, but that was a great post.

  1. Well that was unhelpful. Seeing someone press the red button 50+ times without actually going into any detail about how it works isn’t going to do much to sell these, since a good ed/lib program is likely going to offer similar facilities for the same price or less. Is there a min/max setting on certain parameters to make them “usable”? Can this be modified? I see their website doesn’t go into additional detail either.

    I actually don’t mind programming my DW-8000 (though I’ll admit the MKS-70 was a right pain in the ass to program, especially once rackmounted), so I’m probably not the target market. But a bit more information and a proper USP might actually sway me.

  2. It’s reasonably priced, but I also would like a bit more info on this before I buy it to breathe some extra life into my MKS-70. For instance, what does the “10 second” and “5 second” selector do when it’s in Auto mode?

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