The Future Of Genome MIDI Sequencer – 2012 Developer Roadmap

Genome MIDI Sequencer

White Noise Audio Software has published their roadmap for development of Genome MIDI Sequencer for 2012.

Here’s what’s on the preliminary set of goals for 2012:

  • Revamp Pattern Editor controls, make usability improvements. Additional options and better scrolling for the piano roll. This may include easier ways to toggle the grid, swing, and more editing controls (such as quick ways to modify note length, etc).
  • Add file management. Must haves would be the ability to email a file and delete files. Nice to haves would be drop box support and ‘open in app’ support for midi files.
  • Add virtual instrument tracks. A big goal of mine is adding a modular synthesis environment to Genome. This would allow people the flexibility to mix on board synths with external MIDI gear and apps.
  • Add more OMAC stuff (such as a mixer that sends MIDI Vol / Pan, and an app quick launch bar)
  • The ability to control GMS itself using MIDI, such as triggering patterns via midi
  • Sequencer Page – Easier pattern duplication, delete, drag
  • and of course bug fixes and stability improvements

I’d like to see White Noise try to mature the state of multitouch music sequencing, before they tackle virtual instruments and try to make Genome more DAW-like. Genome is already a very interesting sequencer, but its actual MIDI capabilities are very limited compared to other MIDI sequencer from the last 25 years.

If you’re a Genome user, what changes would you like to see in 2012?

14 thoughts on “The Future Of Genome MIDI Sequencer – 2012 Developer Roadmap

    1. I’d be interested too.
      I intend to buy the new Vermona quad midi module to use with Genome and do not see what would be the “limitations” with this setup (four simultaneous midi tracks with associated CCs, each on its channel).

    2. Fair question.

      Here are a few wish-list MIDI features:

      The ability to easily manipulate a MIDI clip – inversion, retrograde, retrograde inversion, extending, diminution, force to scale, etc.

      Arbitrary scale, so that if you move a MIDI clip up or down it fits to scale.

      Support for clips of varying length, so you can have a 15 step sequence going against a 16 step sequence.

      Support for arbitrary meters.

      Ability to change meter.

      LFO’s that you can use to modulate MIDI., ie, putting an LFO on the velocity or filter cutoff.

      Envelopes to modulate MIDI.

      Support for timeline manipulation of BPM.

      Algorithmic MIDI clips – for example, clips that generat notes randomly that fit to a scale.

      MIDI effects, per channel.

      Randomization features – ie., notes that will play x percent of the time.

      Just a few ideas. Many of these things you can do with ancient Commodore 64 sequencers. It would be great to have a multi-touch MIDI sequencer that is more powerful than sequencers from 25 years ago.

      If I included a feature on the wish list that’s already available, please correct me and I’ll check it out.

      Thanks for listening!

  1. This thing needs a sampler, I mean, a propper sampler, with multi sample capability, a multi mode filter, adsr for the amp and the filter and at least 1 LFO. I use a Tetra, a MFB-503 and a Monotribe live, I need a sequencer with an integrated sampler to complement these. Now, what we don’t need is another fancy and crappy sounding VA synth. We need a sampler to complement our real synths which are made of electronics not ones and zeros. You guys are moving in the wrong direction, can’t you see that if we wanted anothe modular VA synth we would go for TableTop or Rhythm Studio or SunVox or whatever, we are using your App to control outboard instruments, otherways why would we need a MIDI sequencer for? To control more software? Sorry but I don’t buy it.

    1. please keep this devoted to midi manipulation. if i wan to use a sampler, i will open an app dedicated to sampling. it still needs some simple things like individual track mute so we can use this for live performance.

  2. 2nd!

    (drum)sampler would be very much appreciated, especially since other sampling capable apps are only working kinda wonky right now, tried Funkbox and Molten to a frustrating degree just yesterday.

  3. I agree with synthhead. Coming from logic I miss many of the MIDI processing functions lacking in anything else. I don’t know how possible this would be but what about building in integration with puredata? It can certainly handle all kinds of MIDI and audio processing and generation.

  4. where’s an iphone version??? that would seem to make sense. Moog made Animoog for iphone…I know this is a sequencer, but in terms of processing power it’s got to be similar.

  5. Freehand note shifting. Being able to select a line of notes in a track (for example: C2) and shift them off grid to the left or right.

    If this is possible already Please put me on.

  6. It all sounds very good, but…
    How about the realtime keyboard input with resizable keys ad auto quantise..?
    Drum type pads and Cubase like editor for notes and drum events…

  7. Better basic file management. How do I delete a pattern? Add a song? Delete songs? It feels unfinished even without more real features, but it has lots of promise.

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