Skoulaman’s Why Are The Roads So Empty?

This is the music video for Dutch synthesist Skoulaman’s Why Are The Roads So Empty?, a Berlin School style synth jam.

Technical details on the synths used below. 

via skoulaman:

A few days ago I made this 12 note based sequence track with the Doepfer Dark Time.
I used a 3 oscillator tone of the Waldorf Micro Q (two triangles and one sinus) in a very basic setting (and I think that is the power of a Waldorf because you can do very well basic synth tones as complicated pads for example) and a base tone of the Moog LP. During the track the sounds are tweaked. The solo came from the Korg DS-8, it is a preset with a long echo and with a pitch change in the end of the envelope. It is not one of my best tracks but just a tweak with my setup. Neverthelss enjoy listening.
The vid is made during my trip to my work (yes, on a very quit chrismas holiday day) on a highway round Amsterdam at 06:30 in the morning.

greetings Hans “Skoulaman”

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