Open Mic: What’s Your Wish For 2012?

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This is the last Synthtopia post of 2011. Thank you for all your comments and feedback this year. Your comments are one of the most important aspects of the site, and your feedback helps me know how to improve the site.

Thanks, and I hope that you have a safe and happy New Year’s!

My ‘music resolution’ for 2012 is to learn the gear that I bought in 2011, inside and out.

And my hope for 2012 is that you’ll keep coming back to Synthtopia and that there will be lots of electronic music news that’s worthy of your attention.

What’s your wish for 2011?

Is there a piece of gear that you’re saving for? An artist that you’ve always wanted to see perform live? A piece of music that you want to complete? Something you’d like to learn?

28 thoughts on “Open Mic: What’s Your Wish For 2012?

  1. So you found Wordle, eh? Love that app; great for brainstorming lyrics…
    My wish (for the next week, actually) is to get my new modular to play duophonic counterpoint via its Kilpatrick K1600 midi interface ;p

    1. Nice!

      I’ve got a one voice MIDI – CV converter and would definitely be interested in upgrading to something a little more serious!.

      Let’s hear some audio examples in the new year!

      1. I’m discovering I really need an entirely separate signal path for each of the voices, or the one frequency modulates (rather than harmonises with) the other. It’s do-able but it limits the options for shaping each voice… given that I don’t have an unlimited number of filters / envelopes / amps / multiples!!!

  2. Hmm…I’d love to see a new elektron synth, teenage engineering make a drum machine, a brave start up company make high end ym chip synth, oto machines make a sampler and me finally finish this f@$k’ n ep I’ve been workin on for a minute now! Oh and acquire an atari falcon! And convince my wife to wear that synthkini when we do naked stuff together!

    1. … and an updated Mac Pro to run Logic on (instead of Apple giving in completely to the consumers by focusing on laptops, tablets and telephones).

    2. Even if Apple would just update the UI’s of all the FX and Instruments– but yea, improvements and new instruments would be cool– especially at the new App Store price!

  3. In 2012 I hope to continue to read Synthtopia 3x a day, learn more about production/mastering and spend more time growing the ember music label I co-founded in 2010. I also plan on releasing several EP’s and albums this year…

  4. 1. more spare time to play & make music

    2. making music with friends

    3. liking what we make, and getting to make more.

    4. gear working the way it is supposed to.

    5. maybe this year, getting rid of some stuff I don’t need/use

  5. How come when I log onto this site , later in the day I find your site as attached advert software that pops up, which I then have to opt out of? Its a joke. Artruria especially!!

  6. My wish for 1012 is still the same : we need a “Super Midi File Format” upgrade. It would be an extension of the current SMF1, 2, 3. By standardizing the plugin management (as generalized Sysex set), we will see better portability from DAWs to Tablets and vice versa.

  7. World peace I guess…

    Other than that I would like to get more of my music out into the world. I have dozens and dozens of songs in my HD no one but me has ever heard. I just hate promoting/whoring myself out there, I’m going to try to get over it this year.

    Also, I would like to build a synth 100% my own personal design.

  8. That I finally finish building my custom 7 string Jazz / Midi guitar
    That I become (much) more proficient using my gear
    Perhaps do some looow key local performing

    Love the “syte”. Keep it up.


  9. I would love to see an expanded version of Korg’s monotron. Full sized analog monosynth. Maybe two oscillators, a filter, and two lfos. Nothing over the top, but it would be cool to see Korg start a mass produced analog movement.

  10. I would like an Alesis IO Dock actually made for the iPad2 with drivers for Lion. Also, a high-quality, low-cost firewire audio interface with up-to-date drivers and great customer support. A serious, new Korg analog synth, too. To find all of the used synths I want at a reasonable price and have them arrive in fully functional condition. Lastly, to put all of my gear to the best use in making killer tracks.

  11. Stress free life for a clear mind to make better music.
    Days instead of hours dedicated to make music
    Moar oldschool Hardware based synths and drum machines in my collection
    Roger Linn Tempest

  12. 1 – I would like to see soft synth makers shift away from an “exact copy of old instruments” approach to a new one that modeled the classic sounds and circuitry but put modern interfaces and controls on them. In other words, I want it to sound like a Jupiter 8 but look and behave like Camel Alchemy.

    2 – I want to see more small, specialized software for $100 and under, and less “enterprise wide” software that is filled with tools I don’t want or need, costs a ton of money and ships on it’s own media.

    3 – I want Korg to finally give in and make the everyman’s modular as the next iteration of monotron components.

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