Akai Teases MPC Fly For iPad, MPC Studio

MPC Fly2012 NAMM Show: Akai just announced the MPC Renaissance, a new music production controller that combines Akai’s MPC workflow with the power of your computer.

They’re also teasing a couple of other MPC’s, though:

  • MPC Studio – this promises to be a slimline Music Production Controller
  • MPC Fly – this is a Music Production Controller app for the iPad 2

With the three new MPC’s, it looks like Akai is trying to take back the space currently being filled by products like NI’s Maschine.

We’ll have full details on MPC Fly and MPC Studio as they are announced.

11 thoughts on “Akai Teases MPC Fly For iPad, MPC Studio

  1. I’m really hoping that the iPad app is better than their last offering. Also, it had better integrate well with their new synth station keyboard.

  2. I hope the ipad app is a controller for software, and not a controller for their hardware… Or I might be drunk and reading it all wrong.

    1. BeatMaker 2 is awesome. But the MPC Fly’s probably going to have an audio out and CoreMidi, so you’ll probably be able to use BM2 with the MPC Fly and output its audio to a PA, pretty idea for live use. And the iPads screen is great for drum pads and nobs when you’re mobile, but if you’re preforming can you imagine having to use a touch screen for those things?

  3. Nice work akai.
    Except… there’s already an App that does the MPC workflow and is seriously amazing: beatmaker 2. oder use samplelab… u can use both with the mpd8 or something.
    so…why do i need mpc fly again? oh yeah right the name. i’d love to have a *ehm* numark app.

    nono…im sticking with my old mpc2000XL and beatmaker 2 on ipad. genius. akai, youve had your time. numark: you screwed it up. 🙂

    1. or nanostudio,
      what i need is a controller that fits more the size of an ipad than the size of a 13″ macbook like the rest of the controllers out there, like an mpd18 without the fader but 2×4 knobs and transportation control added.

      also it would make using the “old” mpd style controllers a lot easier if app developers would make mapping all buttons via midi in their apps easier.

  4. Whateverhappened to that keyboard that could control iPad apps? they had one for iPhones, announced the release of the iPad one but its never been released Synthstation 49 I think?

  5. What ever happened to the SynthStation 49 was looking forward to making that my main Keyboard controller.
    All the new gear looks sweet MPC Studio will look Great next to my MacBook Pro i7

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