20 thoughts on “What’s Teenage Engineering Bringing To The 2012 NAMM Show?

  1. Hmm! I would like to think a midi in out USB device to connect to the op-1, that would be sweet or maybe some small audio out modules enabling different live signal processing in a micro modular sort of way. But it could be just some nice stickers and an action figure ;). You just can’t tell with these guys…which is why I own a OP-1! what ever it is I’m sure it will be pretty cool! Its a mico-modular Lego build synth :)!

  2. I’ve no doubt that they will show up with a model prototype that doesn’t actually do anything, but the Apple Rip Off design will absolutely bring the tech press and bloggers to their knees with cries of GENIUS! GENIUS! GENIUS!

    In other words, an exact repeat of the OP-1 fiasco.


  3. If I remember correctly the the core synth designers are ex-elektron, and if anyone remembers teenage audio was a concept design of a product very similar to what is now the OP-1. I suggested the modular synth idea manly because the initial monomachine concept designs (molular lego) were done by the same guys. It only seems logical, to continue that tradition since obviously elektrons design modus is is for more retro-industrial in concept. As far as these apple references, I’m a little surprised by the hostility towards teenage engineering for there nod to apple. I assure you if you own a OP-1 you’d sing different toon. It’s the perfect tool box ( that’s hardware! ) for the modern computer musician, it really is a treat to use. For people that use primarily software it’s “the” hardware synth! Me, I’m a hardware guy the aesthetics are very pleasing and the sound really throws you for a loop, you just don’t expect it to sound that great! The guys are really trying to provide something different that simply other companies aren’t doing, which isn’t so much reinventing the wheel, but more making the wheel shine again… Haters go buy one you won’t regret it… As for their future designs I have a feeling they will be familiar but very fresh!

  4. “A-B-C” sounds like children’s building blocks, which the audio of children’s laughter at the end of the video seems to allude to. I’m going with the software-based, modular synth building blocks idea.

  5. very expensive and exclusice chocolates πŸ˜‰
    op1-midi-extensions or/and sound/synth-upgrade? My guess is as good as yours πŸ™‚

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