MIDI Designer Pro For iPad

Midi Designer Pro

Developer Confusionists has introduced MIDI Designer – a new app for iPad that’s designed to let you control hardware and software synths, effects, and DAWs (including Live, Cubase, Reaper, Logic) via MIDI.

MIDI Designer gives you virtual knobs, buttons, sliders and X-Y Pads and lets you design a custom controller.


  • Customizable Surface: Choose the controls — knobs, sliders, buttons, and X-Y pads — and put them where you want, in the sizes you want.
  • Label everything: Controls get labels and pages get names. Add additional labels and labeled panels. –
  • Two-Up Page Design: Each page takes up half the screen and can appear on either side (or both).
  • Design pages of controls with the textures and colors you want.
  • Supercontrols: Set up simple and complex chains of controls. Have one knob turn several, or have a button shut hundreds of knobs off in a single touch.
  • Knob and Slider Overlays: Overlays follow your touch and let you see the control you’re manipulating at all times.

Other features include page banks, unique-CC note selection and hardware integration via pedalboards.

MIDI Designer connects to your computer via CoreMIDI over Wifi with sub-5ms-response. You can also use Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer or Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for a direct hardware connection.

MIDI Designer Pro is available now for $18.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “MIDI Designer Pro For iPad

  1. Tried out the Lite version last night. Seems like a quick and easy way to build a custom multi-page control surface. I will probably play with this some more while I am coming to terms with Liine Lemur.


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