Rockit Synthesizer Update

Developer Matt Heins has posted an update on the Hack Me Rockit synthesizer, an open source analog-digital hybrid synth:

The Rockit case is finally finished. I got the third and final prototype of the Rockit case in, put it together, and did the happy dance. I’m going to make some small adjustments for the production order, but nothing that will require another round of prototypes.

I’m going to put up the case for pre-sale today. I need to hit a threshold of about 50 orders in order to buy it. The lead time from the laser cutter is three weeks, so these should ship in February. The cost will be $50.

The Rockit synthesizer is currently available assembled for $229, or as a kit for $139.


  • Two Mixable Oscillators with 16 Waveshapes/Sounds and Detune
  • Analog Voltage-Controlled Amplifier with ADSR controls
  • Digitally Controlled Analog Filter with Selectable Low/Band/High Pass and External Audio Input and Independent Envelope
  • Two LFOs with 16 Waveshapes and 6 Destinations Each
  • MIDI In and Out
  • Open Source C Code with an AVR Microcontroller
  • 16 Slots for Patch Save and Recall
See our previous post on the Rockit synthesizer for audio demos.

5 thoughts on “Rockit Synthesizer Update

  1. Look, I applaude Matt Heins for his great work, and all who undertake the task of developing exciting new gear for musicians. But when it comes to presentation, sorry but it looks messy and confusing. My gripe is that if you are spending months or years designing a circuit, then put a little thought into the casing design. Many companies make this mistake, some excell. Why am I the bad guy for expecting excellence from conception to production? Good design does not end with the circuit. I will get a rockit, Im a supporter of DIY. How about a design contest for the casing ink? Winner gets a free Rockit?

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