18 thoughts on “Hitler Learns About Bitwig Studio

  1. “We’ll apologize in advance to anybody that this offends. And, to the rest of you, enjoy!:

    Hah, a curt, dismissive, but obligatory nod to political correctness. Love it!

  2. this is getting out of hand, if people want to switch from live 8 to bitwig they are free to do so. I first have to test the software first and give my points, I have no problem with Live suite 8, which is what I use. But this is trying to make an uproar of what live is not and should be. I am a strong believer in patients is the only matter to wait what Live 9 would be, BitWig may be in the right track what live 9 should be. But lets see how it goes when they start beta testing. So Far I have to see how good their synths and effects are because I am already use to working in live and seeing just the top of how the interface looks, its quite different way of working and tweaking.

  3. now i know why are we waiting for Live 9 so long… the best app developers left ableton and made their own software bitwig. i cant wait to test it.

  4. I left lives few years ago, due to the high cost of upgrading. And just went back to renoise, best move I ever made for my music!!! As far as this bitwigs concerned looks like live but sexyier! We shall see. I think people have been looking for a viable alternative for some years now, maybe bitwig will fill that void. Me I was never impressed with live.

  5. I was happy to see that they used a slightly different clip from Downfall than most of the other Hitler meme clips. I did miss the removing-the-glasses-with-the-shaking-hand gesture though. As far as the software is concerned, I’ve never used Live but I liked the interface style.

  6. I hope that it didn’t offend anybody but it was VERY funny!

    Dudes, get easy on the comments. It is rare to see commedy about our audio software/gear.

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