The MacBeth MicroMac Analog Synthesizer

Macbeth Micromac Synthesizer

Here’s a sneak peak at the prototype of Ken MacBeth’s (MacBeth Studio Systems) latest beast, the MacBeth MicroMac analog synthesizer.

We don’t have official specs, pricing or availability yet, but this thing looks like it’s basically going to be the Doepfer Dark Energy or Moog Minitaur on steroids – a three oscillator analog minisynth.

Check out the photo and video below and let us know what you think!

In this video, MacBeth tests out the MicroMac synthesizer prototype:

MacBeth says:

“It whacks a punch!

This is the first demo that I’ve done of this 3 Oscillator pure analogue synthesizer and on this video- I’m getting to try out a couple of things.

Oscillators 1 and 3 have direct outputs to left and right- the filter section has Oscillators, 1, 2 snd 3 pitched 1 octave apart, and a fifth! I guess then I lose the plot and try other things!

Anyway- I put up because some folks have wanted to hear it! The micromac is a project that started well over a year ago….and now it is complete! I’m using the all analogue Vortex keyboard to play this thing!”

Here’s another short demo of the MicroMac:

12 thoughts on “The MacBeth MicroMac Analog Synthesizer

    1. have you checked Macbeths site? You should read it , cause your not quite correct there chief.
      It might help you find another angle of attak rather than look daft. No disrespect

  1. “Both companies supply to the medical, military and aerospace sectors of industrial engineering”

    So does General Electric, who made my washer and dryer. So fucking what? He is bragging about the precision of his components and manufacturing, not bragging about supporting the arms race.
    Get a clue there, chief…

    1. You know, that didn’t sound half bad! I’m going to have to wait on the pricing announcement, though. I feel like I might actually want one.

      The filter sounds nice and creamy and three oscillators really do the trick with most sounds. A more detailed introductory video would also be nice.

      Anyways, it’s looking pretty impressing right now.

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