WaaSoundLab Intros New Sample Libraries With Logic Pro Templates

Mison Delphine at WaaSoundLab sent word that they have released 17 new professional loops and samples libraries.

The packs feature a collection of loops and EXS24 instruments in many styles. The company notes, though, that ‘the uniqueness of WaaSoundLab is to provide innovative Logic Pro templates with each of the downloadable packs’.

WaaSoundLab also is trying to fill gaps left by other sample library providers.

Here’s an overview of their Logic Pro templates:

You can find out more about their products at the WaaSoundLab site.

3 thoughts on “WaaSoundLab Intros New Sample Libraries With Logic Pro Templates

  1. I’m sure the product will do well, but robo-voice always sounds so cheesy. Seriously, if you don’t have voice over talent in house just offer up some free product trade to someone to do it for you.

  2. I feel torn about such products. One on hand, I definitely like using SOME loops and arps; on the other, too much cut-&-paste starts to sound too much LIKE mere cut-&-paste. At about $100 for very large yet narrow stylistic sets, you could just as well buy ACID and have greater range. I tend to compose part of the time completely by hand, starting with a melody or chord progression I play rather than program. It keeps you from becoming so dependent on the toys that you give up part of your potential originality. I think these guys are pushing a bit to offer, for example, those 2 lounge sets of 1.3 gb each, at $100 each. The format is good and I can support the idea up to a point; I just think its too much material at too dear a price.

  3. Very useful though… the trip hop sets are excellent and it seems $100 is for the bundle, not for each set so I don’t think it’s too expensive

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