TipTop Audio Intros Station 252 Eurorack Synth Case

TipTop Audio Station 225

TipTop Audio has officially introduced the Station 252 folding Eurorack synth module case. It’s been available for a while, but they’ve redesigned their site and added information on the new Station 252 case.

The Station 252 is available in two finishes, Silver Bullet & Black Widow. The case includes a universal power supply that can supply up to 3900mA of audio grade power. The case offers three 84HP rows, for a toal capacity of 252HP.

In the studio, Station 252 opens up to create a three-tiered rack, similar to the Buchla 200e. The 252 folds down to suitcase size and will fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.

The TipTop Audio Station 252 is priced at $1,250 for the black finish and $1,400 for the ‘silver bullet’ finish.

10 thoughts on “TipTop Audio Intros Station 252 Eurorack Synth Case

  1. Are they serious with those prices? Eurorack format stuff is so out of control with prices it’s unbelievable, it’s a shame too, because all the bet stuff coming out now for the most part is eurorack. Perhaps I’m naive and these costs more to manufacture then it would seem. I dunno…

  2. It might seem expensive, but the modular world is boutique as it gets. Getting high grade power supplying +12,-12and 5 for what ever you throw at is is hard to find. When even the most popular modules are lucky to sell five hundred pieces, this is a labor of love. No ones getting rich here.

  3. What? They’ve been available? Since when? I emailed them after I saw photos online from NAMM ’11 and they said they’d notify me when they were available. You’d think there’d be a big ol’ link on their homepage to read all about them…

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