Griffin Intros StudioConnect For The iPad

2012 NAMM Show: Griffin Technology has introduced some competition for the Alesis IO Dock, the StudioConnect for the iPad. 

StudioConnect adds audio in/out, MIDI in/out, and a stereo headphone jack with its own volume control.

It’s has a MSRP of $150, so it will give the IO Dock some competition on pricing, too.

Details below.

Audio in:

  • 1/4″ mono
  • 3.5 mm stereo
  • Gain control

Audio out:

  • Line-level stereo R and L RCA
  • Front-panel 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack with volume control

MIDI in:

  • 5-pin DIN

MIDI out:

  • 5-pin DIN

For iPad and other iOS devices:

  • 30-pin Apple dock connector with integral cable
  • 30-pin Apple dock connector charge/sync cradle


  • 10 watts (5 volts DC @ 2.1 amps)

StudioConnect is scheduled to be released in February 2012.

14 thoughts on “Griffin Intros StudioConnect For The iPad

    1. Sadly Apple removed midi controllers support on the iPhone and the iPod Touch in IOS5. It was working beautifully before (I was using the CCK), why would they do such a thing? I’d much prefer using an iPod Touch to feed samples to my controllers, its smaller and much cheaper than the iPad… oh, maybe that’s the reason why…

  1. If this doesn’t work with iPhone. Please some one, could you just make audio/midi interface for iPhone too!!!!! I mean, already.

  2. This doesn’t compare well feature-wise to the IO Dock. Only RCA out, no XLR in, no mic pre, no USB port. Feels overpriced for what it is. I got my IO Dock for $130,.

  3. ugly design, doesnt look stable or comfy to do anywork on… The alesis is on a nice angle to work with. ill stick with an iO dock.

      1. I think you must be one of the lucky ones then-spend 5 minutes over at their support forum and you’ll see what a failure the IO Dock has been.
        Plus,the failure of it to transmit sysex would be a killer for me even if the rest of it functioned correctly.

        1. I read about all the issues before I purchased, and I’m not denying they exist. But I am saying that those people are the minority of owners, even though there seem to be a lot of them. You simply aren’t hearing from the happy users.

  4. Been using StudioConnect for a bit already and the design is actually what I love most about it. I’ve also used I/O dock. StudioConnect is totally future-proof and case-compatible. I don’t have to take my iPad out of the case to use it (I’m looking at you I/O dock) every time I want to play with GarageBand or another app (plus I can use SC in landscape OR portrait mode). I have a huge case to protect my iPad2 from my 2 year old and it fits in the StudioConnect dock perfectly. I’ve tracked live vocals and live drums being creative with the 1/4″ and stereo 1/8″ input. I will take the good looks and simplicity over a bunch of other inputs and outputs and a bulky piece of hardware with no flexibility any day. I’m not trying to record Dark Side of the Moon here, just make some decent songwriting and studio demos to share with bandmates.

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