Novation Impulse Control Keyboard Review

This video, via sonicstate, takes a look at the Novation Impulse control keyboard.

Novation Impulse Features:

  • Precision semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch
  • Professional control surface gives you full control of your DAW including mixer, transport and plug-in instruments and effects
  • Novation’s Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to your music software
  • Back-lit drum pads allow you to warp arpeggios and improvise with rhythm patterns – they also launch clips in Ableton
  • Large LCD screen displays control information
  • Hardware design is tough and rugged
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation’s Bass Station synth and a Loopmasters sample pack
  • USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments

The Novation Impulse is available in 25, 49 & 61 key versions.

8 thoughts on “Novation Impulse Control Keyboard Review

  1. The keys on this thing are superb (on a midi controller)! Pads are ok, knobs are nice.
    All in all I would have say that this controller is worth the money.I love it!

  2. I actually got the 25-key version about a week or so ago, and I like it a lot! I echo Tvirus’ comments on the keys. For some reason Live doesn’t want to let me update to 8.2.7 though 🙁

  3. Bought it, returned it day later. Looks cheap, feels cheap, well it is cheap so can’t expect the same quality as Remote SL I guess.

  4. Whappen to sonicstate? Nick got snuffed by industry goons and they installed a sales robot instead?
    There’s really really really really nothing that could go wrong with this amazing offering then? I’m flabbergobsmacked beyond becomprehension!

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