The Future Of Traktor

Native Instruments is putting the tease on for its new Traktor software and controller (Traktor Kontrol X2, anyone?).

Here’s what they’ve got to say:

Spring 2012 will bring another major innovation from the team behind TRAKTOR. In this exclusive preview, you can take a sneak peek at the new TRAKTOR software and controller — and the birth of a groundbreaking new workflow.

Stylish multi-color pads trigger loops and samples, allowing for on-the-fly remixing. Watch the video and see how a DJ set can become a powerfully creative live performance.

What’s clear from the demo video is that NI is moving more towards a hybrid approach to DJing, with more emphasis on clip-based playback control.

Check out the demo video and let us know what you think about ‘the future of Traktor.’

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