Auria Brings 48-Track Recording & VST Support To iPad – Are You Ready For The iPad To Replace Your Studio?

Still thinking the iPad, and tablet computers in general, is just a toy?

A new app, being introduced at the 2012 NAMM Show, may challenge that perception.

Wave Machine Labs has announced Auria – a 48 track digital audio workstation designed exclusively for the iPad. According to the developers, Auria has been ‘built from the ground up to be used in professional studio and live tracking applications. Auria includes the necessary tools for recording, mixing, and editing any project.’

Key Features:

  • Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
  • Record up to 24 tracks at once
  • VST plugin support
  • AAF Import and Export
  • Fully featured multitrack editor
  • Includes plugins from PSPaudioware, Fabfilter, and more

Here’s a sneak preview of Auria in action:

Auria introduces innovative features such as AAF import/export for moving sessions between popular DAWs (like Pro Tools and Nuendo), 64-bit double precision architecture, and up to 24 tracks of simultaneous recording using compatible USB audio interfaces.

WaveMachine Labs has teamed with PSPaudioware to offer a powerful vintage-inspired channel strip on every channel, plus a mastering processor on the master and subgroup channels.

Auria also features a first among mobile apps – VST plugin support; Auria includes several bundled plugins (convolution reverb, stereo chorus and delay, classicVerb and a pitch processor). Plug-ins by PSPAudioware, Overloud Audio Tools, Fabfilter and more will be available through in-app purchase.

WaveMachine Labs is leading an effort to develop the VST standard on iOS, allowing manufacturers to easily port their existing plugins to the iPad.

Auria is expected to be available in Q1 2012. Details at the AuriaApp site.

Note: Auria supports VSTs that have been packaged for iOS and delivered via their in-app purchase process. While this could open Auria up to many popular VSTs, it is not the same as having a VST or AU standard for the iPad that any app could leverage.

85 thoughts on “Auria Brings 48-Track Recording & VST Support To iPad – Are You Ready For The iPad To Replace Your Studio?

  1. There are now quite a few iPad apps that are definatly not toys, some of them used by pros to make complete tracks that have been released on labels. We are coming to a time where full acceptance of the app market ( and why it’s so huge) and its ability to contribute to genuine music production will become the norm. Just over the past few months, credible synths have been released for the iOS and it can only get better, this 48 track is a good example of progress.

    1. EvolutionaryArts – yes, but detractors are only going to see what you can’t easily do on tablet computers.

      I’m expecting 2012 to bring apps, like Aura, that solidify iOS as a ‘third platform’.

    1. Ehm, what? You don’t record all your tracks simultaneously. I’ve once had a hardware 8-track recorder and it was a pain in the ass to work with it. Because I had to mix down tracks all the time to make room for recordig new tracks. And for the mixed down tracks you can’t change the volume levels anymore. 24 tracks are the absolute minimum for a DAW imo.

  2. it will probably not replace anybody’s pro studio computet, but I can see many applications for this… and we’ll certainly see more software like this soon as tablets, slates and laptop will converge into one hardware platform.
    stll… I don’t think I’ll sell my laptop, don’t see why I should, it’s working fine!

  3. It is taking so long for Ableton 9 to come out. I thought we will see iLive first, but no there is even no BitWig for iPad – there is Auria 🙂 – nice move anyway!

  4. I think if this app uses audio copy and paste as import and export options then proper and real mastering of tracks made with just apps can actually be done. Now that would be a great use of the 48 tracks!

  5. This is a case where the software is ahead of the hardware: currently available iPad hardware neither offers enough computing power nor I/Os to make full use of this software.

      1. I agree, most software today is ahead of the hardware in that sense. However, the gap between what the software can use and what the hardware provides seems to be much bigger on tablets than on conventional computers.

    1. How do you know that particular soft does not use the ipad to its fullest? do you have a link where it is fully tested?

  6. This looked incredible until I read “more [vst] will be available through in-app purchase.”

    Will we be able to import VST’s we already own or does this means you can only get other VST’s through in-app purchase? That would really suck, truly.

      1. Do you believe every VST makers will sell their software for 0,75€? Do you believe Amplitube will be sold for 0,75€ for Auria? And what about all the great free VST’s I got and alll the other ones I have already bought? I won’t buy something I already own a second time when it still works perfectly on my computer.

        I’m really hoping Auria understands what it means to support a universal plugin format, or else it will end up just like Tabletop.

        1. Relax your buttocks man.

          That was an example of typical software price in iOS. But yeah, good for you, you seem to have bought a lot of nice software. You don’t have to buy anything. I might consider buying software for another platform, to be able to take them with me and tweak stuff with a touch screen.

          Thats a bit like demanding your PS3 games for free in PSP. “Well I’m not going to pay for software I have already bought”.

          1. I am relax, why are you trying to imply otherwise?

            To me its more like demanding your OSX Leopard plugins to work in OSX Lion, which btw I can still run OS9 plugins in OSX. And BTW, you can play your PS3 games in your PSP.

            1. Oh I forgot you could stream a couple of PS3 games into PSP which increases latency and decreases buttons.

              But the analogy stays, different platform -> software bought again. If you want to play same software on another platform, it might need work to be done which you have to pay for. And because in this example its not that expensive, the hardest whiners have to have some issues towards the platform it self.

              I’m thrilled to buy cheaper software, and to be able to take it with me and use touch screen to play it. Even if it means, I have to buy some of them for another time. If its this cheap, I will gladly reward my favorite coders with a smal fee, which might even encourage them to make it even better. You know, free updates, all the time.

              1. What about emulators? And what about the ability to run DOS software on today’s computer? (FastTracker II was so awesome) … oh yeah, its not allowed either on Apple’s platform.

                “be able to take it with me and use touch screen to play it”

                I can already do that with a Windows tablet and any VST host.

                What I dislike about this IAP-VST thing is that most of my favorite plugins will possibly never be available, to me this is not complete VST support, but I understand this is not the developer’s decision, its because of Apple’s no-plugin policy.

              2. “You know, free updates, all the time.”

                That would be great, but it rarely happens, AKA BeatMaker and all the other apps which were never updated because version 2.0 was a different app.

                I don’t have much apps from 3 years ago that still works today because they were never updated.

                In this regard, thank you Nanostudio, you are one really awesome developer, the exception to the rule 🙂

              3. Actually commenting Goode on below;
                Beat Maker is the only music app in iOS that handled the “upgrade” in such a craptastic way. Other than that, “free updates all the time”.

                What comes to Windows tablets. I happen to have one too, but runs for under 3 hours, is hot to touch, VERY unstable as the HID drivers are such a curiosity in MS world. Also the mouse UI is unpractical for touch control.

                If you had MS10 soft synth for Nintendo DS, do you think, that you should get free MS10 for every other platform too or at least get emulator for it? Don’t be ridicculous! These apps are affordable, and world isn’t perfect place. With these prices it is a lot nicer place though. Start dealing with it.

            2. “Other than that, “free updates all the time”

              Yeah, I should tell that to the devs who’s apps stopped working after an IOS update because they never were updated.

              “What comes to Windows tablets. I happen to have one too, but runs for under 3 hours, is hot to touch, VERY unstable as the HID drivers are such a curiosity in MS world”

              Which one do you have? I have an old Motion Computing tablet, and I have none of these problems, although I can’t get more than 5 hours of battery.

              “If you had MS10 soft synth for Nintendo DS, do you think, that you should get free MS10 for every other platform too or at least get emulator for it?”

              Its not what I’m saying at all. There are tons of free plugins out there, and no ways to use them on IOS because of Apple’s policies. Auria is coming up with a half solution when it comes to handling VST’s, and its nice, but since its tied to the appstore it means only a few VST’s will make it.

              I don’t mind paying a few bucks for an app that worth it, but yes I’m very thankful there’s a Palm emulator for jailbroken IOS which still let me use apps like Bhajis Loops on my ipod touch.

        2. I thought war and hunger was what was wrong with the world today, bitching on an unreleased piece of software is pretty far in my book of what’s wrong with the world today.

          1. BTW, I’m not hating on this app or the developer, I just feel we came this close to getting a true host/plugin solution for IOS.. and it slipped away..

            1. i knew you will go to war and hunger biddy. but its people that wage wars my friend.
              not trying to insult you. i am enthusiastic about this but considering apple track record did you expect importing vsts just like that?

              i am ok with inapp purchase all the way.and i presume you will be able to use the purchased vst on all your ios devices.(not the case with most vst´s on pc) and if its not – now that is something to be legitly angry about.

              everything else is just bitching.
              lets try to have some perspective on this

            2. for the record. i have a ton of apps and never paid for any updates and some were huge improvements in functionality. beatmaker 2 added core midi in/out and nondestructive chops for example.

              mind you i would pay for the updates. i appreciate the work of the developers and you seem not to give a damn.

              talking about hunger – what are the programmers supposed to eat after the userbase has been established?
              no one seems to be short on requests tho. cmon man..

            3. “lets try to have some perspective on this”

              Yes, the perspective is that there will only be a very small fraction of VST’s that will be converted as Auria plugins. Which is a fact if you look it up.

              “i appreciate the work of the developers and you seem not to give a damn. ”

              I repeat : I’m not hating on this app or the developer. You put words in my mouth I never said. I think its looking to be a great app, I’m just not fond of the “VST support” mention, because it doesn’t really support VST. If it would truly support VST, you would be able to import any VST (dll) you already have, instead, you can buy VST’s that were converted to work with Auria, which is pretty much the same as Tabletop. And also the plugins you will purchase for Auria will not available to other apps.

            4. goode,

              i did not say you are hating this developer but you did say it would be “great” to have “free updates all the time”. if i understood wrongly i apologise.

              what will or will not be ported is just pure speculating surely. if you ask me any vst company will be in line to have a piece of ios cake. why the hell not?

              sorry to partake in these discussions.
              vst´s are coming and i am just thankful for that.

            5. “but you did say it would be “great” to have “free updates all the time”

              It wasn’t me, it was TTakakTak who said “You know, free updates, all the time.”, but no hate here 🙂

              “what will or will not be ported is just pure speculating surely”

              Well I can guess that very few freeware stuff will be ported (like the Smartelectronix plugins or the Simulanalog amps for example), but what I think could happen is if Auria is very succesful it would become the standard for VST plugins distribution on IOS, but as you said, I’m speculating.

              “vst´s are coming and i am just thankful for that.”

              But imagine if installing a VST would be as easy as dropping a dll file in iTunes Sharing, wouldn’t that be great? No need for Apple to approve what VST you would want to use.

              “sorry to partake in these discussions.”

              Don’t be sorry, forums would be so boring if we weren’t talking (or arguing) about stuff. I think its great that we can have different opinions without resorting to name calling.

            6. goode,

              sorry for being a bit of a dick myself.
              it just that alot of time i see developers that put great passion and love in an app only to be slammed for pricing it 3 bucks by spoiled consumers that never created something in their entire life.

              your arguments seemed to go in that directions for a minute and it pushed my button.

              smartelectronix are free. why do you think they should be priced at all?
              infact why should any of the current free plugins be commercial?
              all other sensible plugins (i hope the dongled ones too like waves) will smell money and go for it. if moog with hardware tradition did filtatron why not?

              and i appreciate your understanding. if we all had the same opinion world would be very boring place. i just dont like to distract from such an great introduction of an app with bickering.

              cheers man

            7. “smartelectronix are free. why do you think they should be priced at all? infact why should any of the current free plugins be commercial?”

              I don’t want free VST’s to be resold in someone else’s store, many of their licenses would forbid this anyway, but the question is : will there be free plugins in Auria? And what will be the path to get a plugin inside Auria’s database?

              It would be great if there would be as much plugins available as KVR, but only time will tell.

              1. ” will there be free plugins in Auria? And what will be the path to get a plugin inside Auria’s database?”

                and that is exactly where this argument should have started. not “why must i pay for a vst i have on other os already?”

                and by the look of it, same way we have free apps we can have free vst´s.
                no reason not to.
                the more i think of it – man it´s wonderful.

  7. Yeah, its nicely appointed, but it worsens my Scroll-iosis because of the far-too-small work space. Why would I trade my 21″ working space for a 10″ one? The ergonomics don’t add up for me. This ongoing fad for portability seems to often sidestep the size and nature of human hands for mini-Japanese cuteness. Gimme a 20″ pad with the power of a desktop and we’ll talk. I respect what these people have done, as the results are certainly creditable. I just can’t see using it when I can span the whole thing with one hand. I don’t want to be tied to a stylus.

  8. 1 – Looks like a solid app, which will be a nice addition to the available iPad toolset
    2 – Don’t expect to record all tracks at the same time! It will be limited by hardware and IO capabilities, which will vary by device combination. But this + an iPad is far more powerful than my ProTools 3 rig was back in the day, and I did a hell of a lot of great stuff on that. Don’t discount this as a viable solution for making pro level music.
    3 – The VST support will have to be limited to ones specifically written and optimized for iPad, not just any VST
    4 – It’s really, really too bad they went with a “vintage” interface. There are more attractive and functional ways to do UI for touch screens, and the next competitor that does the same functionality with a modern UI will make this product look and feel old and clunky, and they will fight that through the entire life cycle
    5 – I bet they price themselves higher than any other audio app ever, and it severely limits their sales to anyone other than the older, more stuck in their ways “professionals”. All the rest of us are already using Nanostudio or one of the other alternatives that have even more capabilities .
    6 – That demo song was horrid. 🙂

  9. Hi guys,

    Although Auria has support for recording 24 input simultaneously, the largest USB interface we’ve tested with Auria has 18 inputs. Auria has no trouble playing back 48 tracks while recording all 18 simultaneously, and we’re confident based on our tests that it will work great with 24 channel interfaces when they become available. You’ll need an iPad camera connection kit in order to use USB interfaces, though. We’ll have a list of all the multichannel USB interfaces we’ve tested with Auria on our web site soon.

    Rim Buntinas
    WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

      1. Our hands are tied on this one, due to Apple’s rules. Any add ons to the app, including plug-ins must be done through the in-app store (which is handled by Apple). However, a typical plug-in will be much cheaper than the equivalent one for PC/Mac. For example, Drumagog 5 will be $10.

        1. Yeah I know about Apple’s policy.. still I was hoping we could import any VST’s using iTunes filesharing. That would’ve been awesome.

          How many plugins do you plan on having withing a year? I mean I have thousands of them at home, mostly freeware, but some of them are wicked awesome and it would be sad if they were to never be available.

        2. regarding the apple policies though – once the vst has been purchased it should be able to be used across more ipads from the same owner correct?
          if i am not very wrong this is the case with apps.

          i am really amazed how people loose perspective on the app pricing thing. you get so much for so little nowadays, and still so much anger from some folk. i just don´t get the hate. i am glad to support great creative work by some developers.

  10. Auria currently supports AAF import and export (so you can move sessions back and forth from Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, etc). Also, Audio Copy/Paste, Sound Cloud and Drop Box are supported. Along with the standard iTunes file transfer.


    1. your work is very appreciated immensly and your swift replies to the questions give confidence that the app will be supported and developed continuously. thank you.

  11. Lol, why someone put a thumb down for an honest request? Maybe I want to help the Dev?

    Thought the trolls died when another blog just did..don’t like this thumbs thing synth head, encourages rudeness..

  12. What’s a workflow with Auria going to look like?

    Is the idea to use it for mobile work and the transfer it to a desktop DAW! How would that work?

    Or could you do all you mixing in Auria?

    Also – does this do MIDI? Looks like its just supporting VST effects.

  13. @ADSR

    Auria is designed to work either standalone or to mix and edit existing projects from other DAWs. Auria supports AAF import and export (allowing you to share projects between Pro Tools/Logic/Nuendo, etc).


  14. @John

    An iPad 2 is recommended for Auria, but an iPad 1 will work. The main restriction in using an iPad 1 is the track count goes down to 24. Also, you won’t be able to load as many plugins simultaneously on an iPad 1.


    1. 1 – No, it’s not always done in private. That statement is just you trying to be special
      2 – You are NOT doing it in private if you use a public forum to ask a guy to contact you privately.
      3 – G.F.Y.S., but in a “professional” way. 😉

      1. Xtopher….take a chill pill on your way to school tommorow and study hard:)

        By the way, I’m married, I don’t need to gfys:)

        Oh, and stop ridiculing synth heads site while u r at it, I’m sure he don’t like trolling either

      2. xtopher

        Please keep the comments respectful and on topic..

        “G.F.Y.S., but in a “professional” way,” doesn’t really qualify as either.

  15. Have to say synth head, your comments section lacks in decorum matey, whatever happened to professional discussions ? Seems you inherited stuff from Ashley’s old anons mate…

    1. oh man, i just love when people refer to themselves as profesionals on the internet especially in musical context.
      as far as decorum goes, telling the developer to contact YOU privately made me cringe. and you really think he checks synthopia more than his inbox?
      have a good day and thanks for the insults.

    2. Actually – the comment section seems to be doing pretty good at reader self-regulation.

      But try to keep the comments respectful and on-topic.

  16. I am just curious how difficult is it to make iOS version of VST plugin… I guess it is far more work than opening Xcode project and hitting Compile button, probably lots of tweaking, optimizations, dealing with platform specifics…
    Will there be some kind of framework or SDK to make things easier?

  17. Yes, we have an SDK available. Just drop me a line if you’re interested. It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. The hardest part is the GUI. If your plug-in is JUCE, that part is easy, as we’ve got a custom JUCE library available.

  18. @deck lazer, sorry I misspelled your name earlier, typo…

    I’d say you butted in a small exchange between a developer and promoter without invite thus inciting a deserved response. If something makes you cringe, ignore it, no need on commenting on things you don’t like, just by pass them, that’s the mature thing to do isn’t it? Most wars or conflicts big and small are due to lack of tolerance and ego and especially inability to respect differences of opinion while trying to showcase our own as being superior. And mans sheer determination to comment on every damned thing he likes, especially it seems on app forums and similar, and diss, can actually hurt others feelings, damage sales of apps and hinder reputations.
    This is the problem with open forums, especially those that allow anonymity and are not moderated properly, people hurt each other and say things that they may not actually have the courage to do to the persons face. Hence my extreme hesitation to discuss in public forums, but I chose to do so in this instance to encourage the developer and find out more about the app and help promote it. And what do I get? Just for helping? Unwarranted comments and dislikes?

    Sorry mate, I didn’t deserve that and nor does the developer.

    Good nite to you too:)

  19. Lol, this will get loads of likes

    I’m not posting any more comments here! Trolls abound in hordes and prey on innocent people who support devs

    Utterly sad and subhuman…why didn’t you die with palmsounds? Instead u reincarnate here and trash this forum too? Get a damn life!

  20. I personally don’t want my desktop DAW on my iPad. I don’t think it would translate well onto the hardware. I like more focused apps for my iPad, like Nanoloop, Nanostudio, ims20, or iElectribe etc. That work with on platform in a fun, inspiring way. That’s just me though. Best of luck to the dev’s.

  21. bah.. i commented and then read the crapstorm that was here… should’ve done that in a different order.

    in all seriousness though. i’m glad there are so many new music based apps being made for the ipad… i don’t own one… i don’t own a pro level console either… and i guess i just clicked on this post to see the owners of both bicker… cause i’m a sick voyeur… but now i feel ashamed… for i know… i will troll again

  22. Seriously, Ipad is a toy. Way too closed and not powerfull enough compared to real Audio workstations.
    It might just be a good way to records some ideas & even demo, but for serious production, come on … bring this kind of software to REAL DAW …

  23. After watching the video I’m very excited about this, I think personally this seems like it bridges the gap between mobile apps and desktop class daws. Getting vst up and running is a big step for ios, plus it might encourage apple to expand on the au standard for ios too. When the fab filter eq and microwarmer popped up I nearly shed a tear, this will help loads in getting more people involved and soon we will be passed the whole ios is just a toy mantra.

    One thing I would like to know tho, will the vst standard work the same as on it’s desktop counterpart, ie will we be able to access the plugins in other packages that support the standard. With the ipad 3 just around the corner the dev’s have timed this perfectly, if this supports midi, wist, background audio, osc and midi between apps, it would be one potent tool, it’s already looking fantastic.

    1. My question was already answered at the bottom of the post, I got carried away with the possibilities my bad,

      ‘Note: Auria supports VSTs that have been packaged for iOS and delivered via their in-app purchase process. While this could open Auria up to many popular VSTs, it is not the same as having a VST or AU standard for the iPad that any app could leverage.’

  24. i don’t understand why there is so much apparent hostility here (amongst the quite understandable gasps and oohs and wows). this represents an incredible step forward for iPad music making. yes, it’s not a replacement for a desktop just yet, but what if you don’t have a desktop? what if you want a portable solution?. i’ve always had both – i used to have protools running on a 12″ g4 powerbook when i was on the road (same screen res as an iPad, btw) and it worked just fine. then i could transfer the files across to my (ooh, the mighty power of it) dual G5. Yes, you might have to pay for portable versions of vsts you already own, but who knows – maybe in future when you buy a desktop version they’ll throw in a voucher code for an IAP too (it’s not like you currently have to pay for the VST, AU and RTAS separately.

    At least someone is trying to develop a standard format, albeit hobbled by apple’s policy on IAPs. They’ve also included a sensible way of getting files to and from the device in the form of AAF/OMF support, and really, it’s all about developing standards. a useful, functioning standard to add to the likes of WIST, or ACP, or Sonoma pasteboard can only be a good thing. Maybe this will push apple to open up the iOS implementation of AU a bit?

    And…i’ve said this before. to do this 20 years ago, you’d have needed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (a sony PCM3348 – the 16 bit one! – cost a quarter of a million dollars and the editing was painful and destructive. Two 24 track analogue machine and a synchroniser would have cost you upwards of $50k – more like $100k for Studers, and you could edit with a frickin razor blade). To do this 10 years ago, you’d have spent about $5k on a pretty powerful computer and a digi 001 or similar for 32 tracks and pretty limited plugin support.

    To do this now, you can buy a $500 iPad and fifty bucks of software.

    Stop complaining.

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