Alesis Intros Vortex Keytar USB/MIDI Controller

Alesis Vortex Keytar

2012 NAMM Show: Alesis has introduced the Vortex, the first USB/MIDI keytar controller.

The Vortex offers an extensive array of touch-sensitive keys and velocity-sensitive pads on a pearlescent white body, and octave and pitch controls on its neck.

The Vortex includes features something that they say has never been found on any keytar before: both traditional MIDI and USB MIDI. This should let you use the Vortex with any MIDI hardware or software instruments on Mac, PC, and iPad. The Vortex also comes mapped for popular software synths and DAWs.

The Vortex also features a MIDI-assignable accelerometer – so you can control virtually any parameter by moving the Vortex’s neck: volume swells, amazing pitch bends, vibratos, filter cutoffs and more.


  • The first USB keytar controller—works with all of your software instruments & synths on Mac, PC, & iOS devices
  • USB and traditional MIDI jacks for use with virtually any synth, sound module, or other MIDI hardware or software
  • Embedded, MIDI-assignable accelerometer for performance parameter control by tilting the neck
  • Thumb-controlled volume slider, sustain button and pitch-bend wheel on neck
  • Finger-controlled MIDI-assignable touchstrip, sustain, and octave-control buttons on neck
  • 37 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch for compact, yet complete melodic range
  • Eight velocity-sensitive drum pads/sample triggers enable you to create beats or trigger clips
  • Large transport & patch-select controls for instant access
  • Includes strap; standard guitar strap pegs are compatible with virtually any strap
  • Bus powered when USB-connected to Mac or PC; battery compartment for use with MIDI modules and iOS devices
Availability and pricing for the Alesis Vortex Keytar USB MIDI Controller are to be announced.

14 thoughts on “Alesis Intros Vortex Keytar USB/MIDI Controller

  1. Wow. Virtually every feature I could possibly want in a modern performance keytar, and it’s not ugly! Very interesting move from Alesis. There are a small pocket of players who really could rock this thing. I’ll give more feedback after I get one, and mod the hell out of it visually 😉

  2. You will make it wireless using the 4 AA battery to power it up and with a midair from m-audio you can play any synth software from you pc o mac!!!!!

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