‘Uniquely Sick’ Live Finger Drumming (NI Maschine)

This video features a ‘uniquely sick’ live performance by DJ Seap (aka Nigel Sifantus) on the MPC inspired Maschine by Native instruments.

There is no sequencing used. All sounds are created, edited and mapped by SEAP then played live “finger drum” style with no edits.

Equipment used: Ableton Live 8, Native Instruments Massive, the Mouth, and the Finger for sound design, Maschine for performance, and Izotpe ozone plugin for mixdown of the audio.

10 thoughts on “‘Uniquely Sick’ Live Finger Drumming (NI Maschine)

  1. I’m impressed with the technical performance, but listening to this without watching it is a really jarring, unpleasant experience. I wish people like this would trigger percussive sounds instead of just sample slices, and produce something truly musically wonderful.

  2. I agree with the above.. This is one guy who did some meth and started jamming. Id walk out of the club if I had to hear more than 5 minutes of this. Reminds me of MethHeadZ turntablism. Dont get me wrong, to each his own.. Im sure the new methstep scene would love this.

  3. But it was “uniquely sick”!

    Seriously? Any competent drummer with a bit of taste could blow that performance off the road with no practice. Sorry to be negative and critical. If you are making big claims you better be able to back it up.

  4. Just messing around with poorly chosen samples and weirdo rhythms makes something “prog” …. Seriously… totally agree with MPS and methstep comments 😀

  5. i don’t see anything incredibly unique about this. this person is definitely proficient at doing what they do, but i’ve also heard a LOT of stuff just like it.

    also the claim that there are no sequences involved is obvious rubbish. if you actually watch what he’s doing with his fingers, there is no way to account for all of what you hear unless he used some sequences or loops.

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