World’s First Polyphonic Pitch Correction Plugin – Pitchmap

2012 NAMM ShowZynaptiq has introduced Pitchmap, described as ‘the world’s first and only audio plug-in capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time’.

Pitchmap lets you correct tuning inaccuracies and even change melodies, harmonies and chords on-the-fly. Whether you need to change an entire song from major to minor, correct a single wrong note in an otherwise perfect performance or make a recorded string arrangement fit a different composition, Pirchmap can do it.


  • Automatic correction of pitch inaccuracies in polyphonic/mixed signals.
  • Pitch Mapping: Change harmonies and melodies on the fly.
  • Pitch Mapping via GUI-created source/destination maps or real-time MIDI-input.
  • Macro controls for near-instant creation of harmony- and key-changes.
  • Snapshot functionality for fast workflow and easy automation.
  • Perceptive modeling based Natural mode for voice-adapted processing.
  • Continuously variable Electrify parameter for making results sound synthetic in an exciting and unique way.

Pirchmap uses artificial intelligence based MAP technology (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) to ‘de-mix’ an incoming signal into individual elements. It then lets you arbitrarily or automatically correct and modify their pitches.

In addition to the pitch correction and pitch changing, the MAP process also allows for ‘surreal and electric’ effects.

Pitchmap is available now as a Mac AU (Audio Unit) plug-in, priced at $269 through April 1st. VST versions are also planned.

8 thoughts on “World’s First Polyphonic Pitch Correction Plugin – Pitchmap

    1. why? this does not fall into copyrighted area, also they have obiously developed their own technology. doubt there is a patent issue.

      this is great actually. could drive melodyne prices down.
      i dislike the fruity loops look tho.

      1. Their “Direct Note Access” is patent pending, and a key selling point to their (more expensive) software. No doubt they’ll have people looking in to it. A C&D is basically a warning from a patent holder. It doesn’t actually do anything; more of a threat.

        1. i know what c&d is.
          not sure on this but the DNA is already patented and not “pending”.
          point is, these guys have their own thing for note extraction. otherwise you would have patented concepts like timestretching, sampling or any other sound manipulation which would lead to monopolies. no?

  1. if it does indeed do real time polyphonic pitch shifting, it would be a world first. Melodyne isn’t real time, nor does it pitch shift the incoming audio – melodyne works by analysis/resynthesis. Yes the results could be deemed similar, but the 2 processes are vastly different.

  2. This is frickin amazing. I’ve been searching “polyphonic realtime pitch-shift” with a one month date range for, oh, 3 years now. From a bunch of the same random answers, now all of a sudden: 3 pages of zynaptiq! Okay folks, now to get the latency down below 10ms, maybe dedicated dsp hardware? Anyway, the tiny little world of live electroacoustic manipulation loves you.

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