Acoustica Debuts Mixcraft 6 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 6

At The NAMM Show 2012: Acoustica is showing off the brand new studio-in-a-box Mixcraft 6, due to be released in March.


Along with its high-end cousin, Mixcraft Pro Studio 6, the new Mixcraft 6 boasts many features that are critical for creating and recording music. Mixcraft is stocked with classic effects like graphic equalizers, reverbs, chorus, phasers, compressors, limiters, and so on. Mixcraft also includes powerful effects such as pitch correction, parametric equalizers, vintage guitar amp and cabinet emulations, vocal reduction, and a “classic vintage tube EQ” effect.

Mixcraft Pro Studio comes with additional high-end mastering effects, including tools for enhancing bass, treble, and harmonics, and adding subtle tube warmth. There’s also an all-new professional studio reverb, a 31-band equalizer, and a powerful rhythmic delay included. Mixcraft Pro Studio even includes the new iZotope™ Mastering Essentials plug-in, a powerful mastering suite to lend your production a more professional sound.

Virtual Instruments:

Mixcraft comes with the Acoustica Instruments collection, a sound library which includes orchestral instruments, drums, synthesizers, pianos, organs, guitars, bass, and more, all mapped to the General MIDI specification. The Acoustica Expanded Instruments collection adds deep synth pads, ethereal voices, and haunting strings to the mix. And the new Acoustica Studio Drums adds a set of acoustic and electronic drum sounds. The Mixcraft Pro Studio product also includes the “Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano.”

Mixcraft 6 also is equipped with soft-synth emulations of the MiniMoog, Prophet 5, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, the Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie rotating speaker, and classic transistor organs by Vox and Farfisa. Mixcraft Pro Studio also includes incredibly detailed emulations of the MemoryMoog and Yamaha CS-80 synthesizers.


Both of the new Mixcraft products are compatible with nearly any VST effect or
VSTi instrument plug-in, and works with Acid and Garage Band loops. Mixcraft hosts ReWire applications to control other DAWs, sequencers, and drum machines, and sync everything. Users can record from any USB microphone, or compose with any MIDI keyboard. Additionally, Mixcraft is compatible with virtually any FireWire, USB, or internal audio device, using Wave, WaveRT, or ASIO drivers.

28 thoughts on “Acoustica Debuts Mixcraft 6 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 6

  1. Not sure why Mixcraft isn’t more popular. I find it’s much easier to use than Reaper and comes with more/better plugins. It’s priced well and is fairly powerful. I didn’t switch since I’ve invested time/money into Reaper but I almost wished I hadn’t.

      1. I also like mixcraft but I use protools. Mixcraft has it’s limitation like midi exporting and side chaining. For creating ideas is great.

  2. Ugly UI? Never seen a beautiful UI myself but If I can record songs with as much ease as I do with Mixcraft I could care less what the UI looks like because a nice UI wont help make nice music. If that’s what you like you should download the MC6 beta for free and look at the new look, Its way different than the old ones. I say bring it on Acoustica, I look forward to a new MC always because I think its the best and their stepping up with all the new features.

  3. I Just got protools, and got rid of mixcraft 5, so sorry i did that. Now i have mixcraft back and will not give it up at all NEVER………I WILL SUPPORT MIXCRAFT ALL THE WAY, AND I WANT MIXCRAFT 6 NOW

  4. I think mixcraft is very underrated,its so easy to use even the first time you use it.i will support this to the full also,cant wait for ver 6

  5. I have no problem with mixcraft. To me its tbat brings the instruments to to life. I was born with a gift not taught this gift.

  6. i am small singer
    i am rap singer……… and mixcraft is the pest program for mee and for any beady like to sing
    soo if my worde,s was corect do like

  7. I bought Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 and learned how drop dead Gorgeous it is!!! I’d rank it the #1 digi-studio for beginners to learn from and use. Amongst the leading DAW’s used by the pros, this software has a great base of plug-ins to offer, recording response and fantastic sound quality out-put.
    I have to commend Acoustica for enabling this product with multi-channel features, fantastic effects and serious vocal capabilities. Compared to Abelton, Pro-Tools, Samplitude, Sony Acid 7 and Cubase 6, the price for the Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 engine is extremely low.
    I’d rank this DAW engine #3 on a list of best programs in the world to create music. Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 does lack a lot of features the other DAW’s have to offer. But, try the Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 and you’ll quickly understand how under-rated it is compared to the leading DAW’s on the market. In the DAW world of creating music, the Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 is a SLEEPER! Don’t be a fool… Grab this one! You will not be disapponted.

  8. Not sure why everyone is so gung ho on mixcraft 6. it may sound good and have features but it is far from a good studio. i use pro tools in college but dont want it at home.Too big,too complex but effectice. Mixcraft 6 with its tiny little editing screen that I cant find detaled panning options,is just not what I hoped. Anyone here remember Internet audio mixer mp3? Now that was simple editing.Mixcraft 6 screen is so small you cant really detail edit your tracks unless you zoom in,but it’s easy to lose track of where you are and that sucks.When will someone make a studio that doesnt require an exterior editor.Mixcraft six is for those who want to load tracks,record multi and add cheesy effects.Not editing,just mixing.

  9. I like mixcraft, but I agree with “back stage”.
    It can be used (comfortable) only with fullhd, 24″ big size monitor, I have no that yet.

  10. I’ve been using this since Mixcraft 4 and love it. As far as I’m concerned it does everything I need, easily. And it isn’t overly complicated and expensive. These other ones may be OK for the professional studio, but for home use this is fantastic. I reckon I would still use it if I was working professionally.

  11. I’ve been home / project recording for 14 years. Recently got the pro studio version of Mixcraft. Oh My God! It’s just amazing. It does more than I was ever able to do with several racks of outboard gear, high end multi-track and desk and so on. I’m not kidding. This package has got to be seen to be believed.

    1. I made up my mind to stop running after every new daw every year and commit to mixcraft and learn how to make a polished product from what it offers. I’ve gotten great results and intend to get better! Pro 6 is my baby now and unless they offer upgrades in the future…I’m staying right here!

      1. Hi, just wondering what type of audio interface you are using on mixcraft. I am only a novice and been using just usb related equipment. Would like to get a interface but there so many out there and not sure which ones are compatiable with mixcraft.

  12. Was searching for a simple DAW program. I’ve tried many DAW’s, even the recomended /cheap priced Reaper, but for me all those programs were not so easy to use. With some luck found out about Mixcraft and yes… even a dumb person as me can make music with it! Finally a program that does it all and is simple to understand and use. Thumbs up!

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  14. Hello.
    I had been using Pro Tools which was shipped with my M-Audio FastTrac & recently started using Avid Ignite with came shipped with the M-Audio Mini Keystation. I play the guitar & sing which I am good at and its just been a few months since I started recording solo projects. I find Pro Tools very confusing & Avid Ignite is the worst software I have ever used. Its while surfing the internet I came across Mixcraft & downloaded the Trial Version which I really like & find easy to use. I just can’t make my mind if I should purchase the Pro Version or just the regular Mixcraft 6 version. I play Rock so can someone please help me ? All I connect to the interface is my Guitar & Effect Processor + midi keyboard for Bass & Drums. Thanks in advance if you can suggest what I should purchase.

  15. I have been using Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 for 2 years, upgraded from Mixcraft 5. All I can say is that this software is robust, compact, and as versatile as any other pro studio DAW on the market, ie. ProTools, Logic Pro, CUBASE, Ableton Live, PreSonus, etc.
    I’ve used ProTools in the recording studio, and when I found Mixcraft online, and downloaded the trial, I quickly knew I had found the DAW I could use without the steep learning curve.
    Don’t get me wrong; I tested a lot of other DAWs on the market. All of them post my Mixcraft purchase, and this is what I found with so-called professional DAWs:
    1. Very steep learning curve,
    2. Ultra expensive,
    3. PC system would regularly crash (running 8GB RAM),
    4. Not intuitive,
    5. Poor support, or ambiguous ‘web’ support,
    6. Took away from the actual creation of music and was converting me into a computer geek.

    Creating music on Mixcraft is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. If you can ride a bike, then you can use Mixcraft. Within an hour of downloading Mixcraft I was using it like I’d been using DAWs for year; it’s intuitive and also fun to use-you actually retain what you use. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, the Mixcraft manual is easy to read and logical in its format and approach.

    Personally I would just go the whole hog and get Mixcraft Pro Studio 6. You then will have a very powerful DAW at your disposal and will start to create music without turning into an Engineer.

    PS. I play keys in a band so I use Mixcraft live to drive my VSTi (soft synth) platform; it’s all laptop driven using a midi keyboard controller. I run 16GB of RAM and the laptop has never crashed once. The most tracks I’ve had in one file is 8, and with the rest of the band, this creates a virtual orchestra on stage. Mixcraft is powerful enough to cope with anything you throw at it. I have full confidence using it in any live situation. The rest of the band love its versatility.

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