8 thoughts on “Beat Kangz Beat Thang Update At 2012 NAMM Show

  1. I am working class and swear like fuck in my own time, I have also worked with the public in education ,(music tech teaching) I have done proffesional radio interviewsand I know I have to communicate well in a profesional setting.Tthe interviewer sounds like he is reinacting a scene from ‘Dont drink your juice in the hood’
    I thought it was a comedy sketch, he called him ‘baby’ now is there a new ‘gay hip hop ‘thing going on that I am not ‘down’ with , or does the guys sound like a dick?

  2. HA! They really missed the curve with this THANG, what are they gonna do now that all the ‘rappers’ are making shystie autotuned saccharine Elektro-House? All the ‘thugs’ are wearing flouro and droppin’ verses over tired-ass Guetta ‘beats’ Sorry Beat Kangs! Your ship has sailed!

  3. I’m not really into the Beat Thang, but the interviewer does provide solid, honest and unbiased (to the degree that one can be “unbiased”) information about the plethora of musical products available to help one make a more informed decision about particular products through his site: http://namm.soundsandgear.com/

  4. Frankly, don’t knock it till you try it. I’m far from being a hip-hop-oriented human being, but I still give the Beat Thang merits. Sure, It’s marketing campaign was flawed at the beginning, but these guys are actually putting out a really good product.

    It has more on-board memory than an MPC,

    It has an incredibly high-resolution sequencer,

    It can sample and play back audio in 24-bit (suck THAT, Akai!),

    It is battery operable for up to four hours, (if you are going to pretend that this feature means nothing to you, you are a dirty liar. Everybody likes portable beats.)

    It’s filters and effects are of superb quality,

    The backlit pads and buttons are actually a really nice feature, and it’s extra cool that they let you adjust the brightness of them to your liking.

    The sample library included easily rivals that of Native Instrument’s Maschine.

    And hey, look what they are doing with the product now?

    All you haters who wouldn’t buy it at Best Buy because you’re too cool to buy equipment there can now buy it at ANY music store. Their deal with Best Buy is OVER.

    Oh, and all you haters who couldn’t afford it or were too cheap to shell out the $1,500 (or be smart and find a Best-Buy employee who will give you their employee discount, making it cost like $850), can now buy it for it’s NEW price point of $999, or, in eBay terms, about $700.

    On top of that, they are making it in to an integrated software-hardware controller AS WELL AS CONTINUING IT’S USE AS A STANDALONE PIECE OF HARDWARE.

    And at $999, that is cheaper than the MPC Renaissance ($1,499) coming out this year, and the Renaissance is a controller ONLY.

    Frankly, the Beat Thang is one of the best deals on the market for a hardware sampler to date, and if you can not get over your biased hatred for a musical genre or the (sometimes funny) slang that it entails, then you’re missing out on a kick-ass piece equipment.

    1. I’m in the market for a hardware sequencer. And, will all the bells and whistles the Beat Thang has, it would be on the top of my list. Unfortunately, it’s mostly setup to sequence itself, and not as a production hub (yes, it can transmit, but, but only deals with 16 channels and internal=external).

      With the new $1000 price point, I would buy this over an MPC1000 with JJOS.

  5. I was at a Best Buy and I tried it for about a hour. My opinion was that it was awful, the pads were crap and the layout was cheap. I’m always looking for that all in one drum/sample/sequence thing, and this thang was not it at all . And if you looked at what the JJOS can do,then I bet it’s a hell of a lot more (especially the XL version) then anything the thang can ever do. I have the JJOS 2xl and the sequencer on it is superb.

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