Hot Hand MIDI-EXP Lets You Control MIDI With A Wave Of The Hand

At the NAMM Show 2012The Hot Hand MIDI-EXP controller is generating lots of interest at the show this week.

“The Hot Hand MIDI-EXP allows users to control software parameters with a wave of the hand,” said Jeff McAlack of Source Audio, who make the MIDI-EXP. “This used to be a limited edition pedal for us, but recently, after the release of a video by Pinn Panelle which showcased the technology, we’ve really started selling to DJ’s and other electronic musicians, so we’ve decided to put the pedal into full production.”

The MIDI-EXP takes all of the expressive potential of the Hot Hand sensor and enables use with third-party effects, hardware, and software by converting the Hot Hand signals directly to MIDI and a flexible expression output.

With the MIDI-EXP, users can select from multiple MIDI message types, including continuous controllers, pitch wheel, aftertouch, note on/off message, etc. Other controls fine tune the sensor signals to create the desired response with controls like depth, smoothing, inversion and axis select. A useful Ramp Trigger mode lets the user set a threshold and when that threshold is crossed by the sensor signal, it will generate a ramp in the output.

The retooled and updated MIDI-EXP will be available in Spring or early Summer 2012.

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