NAMM 2012: Alesis Rolls Out Three USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers: Q61, QX61, QX25

At The NAMM Show 2012: This week, audio gear manufacturer Alesis introduced three new USB MIDI keyboard controllers, the Q61, QX61 and QX25.

The Q-series USB MIDI controllers are the relatively inexpensive tools for adding expressive MIDI control to music production or performance. Each controller features USB MIDI for connection to Mac, PC, and Apple iOS devices and to other traditional MIDI hardware modules, samplers and synthesizers.

The Q61 (pictured) is a 61-note keyboard controller that works with a wide range of music software and MIDI hardware devices. With velocity-sensitive keys, the Q61 offers a five-octave range of expression in a sleek, portable controller, built for the studio or stage. A full array of “essential” controls is onboard, including pitch and modulation wheels, octave up and down buttons, an assignable data slider, and the capaability to send program changes from the keys.

The QX25 (at right) and QX61 are 25-note and 61-note keyboard controllers, respectively. Both controllers enable musicians to punch out a drumbeat on the pads, manipulate filters via the knobs, or adjust volume and playback of sequencing software with long faders and buttons. The QX25 and QX61 bring parameter control and velocity-sensitive keyboards that move the composer’s hands away from the mouse and “into the action” of the keyboard.

The Alesis Q61, QX25 and QX61 USB MIDI keyboard controllers will be available in stores in the second quarter (late spring-summer) of 2012 with U.S. estimated “street” prices of $149.00 (Q61), $199.00 (QX61) and $99.00 (QX25).

5 thoughts on “NAMM 2012: Alesis Rolls Out Three USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers: Q61, QX61, QX25

  1. I like the price on the 61 key. But Alesis, how about:
    a) a keyboard controller with polyphonic aftertouch
    b) a new Andromeda
    Please? 😉

  2. I’ve heard the comment so many times… can some manufacturer please just produce a controller keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch. Then everyone will be happy.

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