The 20 Greatest Dance Music Artists Of All Time

The Top 20 Dance Music Artists

Readers of MixMag have selected their take on the 20 Greatest Dance Music Artists of all time.

The top 20 list reflects the EDM angle of the magazine itself, with readers putting Prodigy at the top of the list, followed by Daft Punk and Chemical  Brothers.

“To walk off a stage and feel like we smashed it – that’s the reward for us, to see the crowd react and know we’ve done what we’ve come to do,” said Prodigy’s Keith Flint. “But something like this is truly voted for by the people – and essentially we are nothing without them, so it feels awesome and really respectful.”

Here’s the full list:

Mixmag’s 20 Greatest Dance Music Artists Of All Time

1. The Prodigy
2. Daft Punk
3. The Chemical Brothers
4. Faithless
5. Deadmau5
6. Plastikman
7. Underworld
8. Fatboy Slim
9. Orbital
10. Moby
11. Leftfield
12. Kraftwerk
13. Pendulum
14. Depeche Mode
15. Justice
16. Basement Jaxx
17. Groove Armada
18. The Shamen
19. Above & Beyond
20. The KLF

The results are published in the latest issue of the magazine.

What do you think of this take on the top dance music artists of all time? And who would you put at the top?

21 thoughts on “The 20 Greatest Dance Music Artists Of All Time

  1. errrr – The Prodigy are a shit Heavy Metal Band with samplers. This list is fucking terrible, with the exception of Kraftwerk and Plastikman this is all hacks or shitty pop music.

  2. The “of all time” bit is shady… Should be “of the last 10 or 15 years”, but certainly not “of all time”. People did dance before the 90s, you know. Glenn Miller was a dance band, after all!

  3. This list makes me have no idea what dance music is. I can’t really comment on the quality of the list, due to my confusion about what it’s actually listing.

  4. Sorry, this doesn’t even work as an EDM list. Kraftwerk a dance act? Depeche Mode? And where’s New Order, who practically invented the damn thing?

  5. when will people stop this need for top tens? I mean: can you really say that one act is better than another in every field and context?
    It’s really like Duke Ellington said: there is two kinds of music. good music, and the other kind.

  6. I wouldnt call Kraftwerk dance music…but still that far down the list? Deadmau5? All Time? No Aphex? William Orbit? Aphrodite? JunkieXL? I’m personally not a fan but Bill Leeb has accomplished more for dance and electronic music then half these half rate hacks…

  7. Prodigy – Seriously? Started out as cartoon techno and went downhill from there (yeah who’da thought that possible?) Listen to Firestarter, then Listen to Im a Man by Chicago talk about BLATANT rip-off of daddys record collection. We’re not talking creative sampling here, we’re talking copying.

    Out of this list probably 5 or 6 actually deserve to be there, the rest is just commercial pop dance. Unless ‘Greatest’ is taken to mean who has earned a major label the most money.

    Where are people like Larry Hear, Marshall Jefferson, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Guy called Gerald, Photek, Autechre, and where the fuck is Aphex?

    Either Mixmag readers are major label execs, or have very little musical knowledge.

  8. I compiled a Top 20 too, “Which magazine has the dumbest readers of all time?”

    1. Mixmag
    2. Mixmag
    3. Mixmag
    4. Mixmag
    5. Mixmag
    6. Mixmag
    7. Mixmag
    8. Mixmag
    9. Mixmag
    10 Mixmag
    11 Mixmag
    12 Mixmag
    13 Mixmag
    14 Mixmag
    15 Mixmag
    16 Mixmag
    17 Mixmag
    18 Mixmag
    19 OK!
    20 Hello

  9. Wow I am very disappointed that the main person who made synthpop,dance and electro music create and brought It into a proper genre….the man who is responsible for so many great hits!

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