New Vangelis Interview

Greek composer and synthesist Vangelis talks in this rare interview, via AlJazeeraEnglish, about the role of music in today’s world and how his success has been a double-edged sword.

The interview is alternately both inspirational and frustrating. Vangelis has some deeply held views about creation springing from nature, but he’s also essentially a private person.

19 thoughts on “New Vangelis Interview

  1. The guy behind the music of Blade Runner… This interview only adds to my respect to this musician, an amazing composer, love his work.

  2. From his earliest work to his latest, the creativity in his music inspires me to keep challenging myself to do a little more out of the ordinary. I sure hope Ridley Scott finds it in his heart to let Vangelis score the sequel to Blade Runner.

        1. Hmm, but this comment is like saying let the new Blade Runner film be made by a new talent and not Ridley Scott. I am sure Vangelis can deliver the goods if he gets asked…

          1. since his soundtrack embodies the soul of blade runner it would be scandalous to go with someone else. blade runner would be much, much less effective without the vangelis contribution.

            still i am very weary of this br sequel…not sure it needs to be done.

  3. i found myself asking, does my music guide me or do i guide my music? this question he poses has put a thought into me.

    that was an amazing video for many reasons, that man, that city, those videos at the end showing what he means.


  4. Those words come from one of the greatest composers and musician of all time, as great as Mozart, as great as Beethoven, although he will never talk about it, because he is too modest to do it, beautiful music and philosopher, no wonder he is from Plato’s country.

  5. I am shocked by his wisdom, and his outlook on the world, culture, music, his philosophy, and he’s so humble. In his beliefs, hes just another person, trying the create beauty, however without the selfishness to impose on people. Let the people take and get from life what they want on their own. I like that. This is striking contrast to morons like Kanye West, the epitome of what’s wrong with music and popular culture today. The music really is just a way for guys like that to brand themselves and shove themselves down your throat via twitter in selfish narsisism.

    It does seem the world is going done the drain culturally and artistically, but hopefully these kinds of interviews will inspire the next generation to do something different, with different views and values.

  6. I may be reading him wrong, but some of the view he puts forward remind me of those famous words “Let them eat cake” or even “Bread and circuses.” What good is beauty (being a subjective thing) when people are living in poverty?

    1. In the interview he speaks directly against the modern day “bread and circuses”, which essentially is generic entertainment for the masses – music created on an assembly line for people who do not know any better (among other things, such as reality TV and McDonalds)…

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