Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth v2 Modular Suitcase Synthesizer (Demo)

Synthtopia reader Jason sent word of this extended look at the Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth v2 synthesizer.

This demo features a variety of sound types and sequences (traditional and non-traditional) demonstrating the Vostok’s sound palette and variety of timbres. All sounds, with exception of the obvious acoustic drums (used for context), are created on the Vostok using either traditional patching or the pin matrix — or a combination of both.

Key Features:

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Suitcase style design.
  • 22×22 matrix pin panel.
  • Rugged Steel construction.
  • Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.
  • Stuffed full of electronics.
  • No front panel space is wasted.
  • Joystick, retro-VU meter, MIDI, jack socket patch points and more.

About the audio demo:

Sounds are being driven by either the on-board sequencer, MIDI sync (via GATE to CLOCK), or direct MIDI connection to a controller keyboard.

Emphasis for this video was more traditional synth sounds (basses, leads, sequences) as there are plenty of non-traditional (fx, ambient, noise) sound demonstrations on YouTube. The filter section at the heart of the Vostok was also a focal point of this video and is tweaked extensively for the various sound types.

The Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth v2 is priced at £1799. See the AS site for details.

3 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth v2 Modular Suitcase Synthesizer (Demo)

  1. I love the look of the Vostok and the modules included, but it always sounds too saturated / overdriven to me. Sometimes you want a harsh, aggressive tone, but I’d prefer to add that through effects, not be stuck with it due to the synth itself.

  2. Love the first track! Would like to find out where to get it! Impressive gear, sounds warm and capable of a full range of bleeparonies.

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