Stevie Wonder – Still A Synth Freak!

Stevie Wonder at the 2012 NAMM Show

Stevie Wonder dropped by the 2012 NAMM Show on Sunday.

And what did Stevie Wonder do?

He did what any other synth freak would do – he checked out the synths!

Here, he talks gear with synth designer Wolfgang Michalowicz (Surfin’ Kangaroo & Mode Machines).

Of course, when Stevie Wonder stops by to talk synths, he comes with his entourage:

4 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder – Still A Synth Freak!

  1. Has anyone heard Stevies version of Papa was a rolling stone?using a talk box and loads of synths.It is up on you tube it is very funky indeed.
    Stevie did a lot for civil rights and wrote aniti war songs. Black man is a classic synth heavy funk track.

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice….both at namm. the first time he was hangin at a small digital piano company’s booth and he seemed almost hidden. Either way, when I got my chance I immediatley shook his hand. The second time I was late at leaving, got caught up, and he was being led in by a small team of security and a liason assisting with navigating the show. I just stood and watched for a minute as they glided from booth to booth, passed me when I met him again, then went to the arturia booth with the oddity loaded up and he busted out a little Brick House jam. That’s it, thought id share. Amazing man

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