2012 Winter NAMM Show Wrap Up

The 2012 NAMM Show is over – and we’re depressed and relieved.

The Winter NAMM Show is one of the most exciting events of the year, at least in terms of new gear, for musicians.

But, for anyone that hopes to cover the event, it also represents 5 days of relentless work…. and it comes with the reality that you can’t hope to cover it all.

We’ve covered many of the show highlights, over the last few days, including:

That’s right: there were five new synth introductions – in the second half of the show, alone!

And, though the Show wrapped up on Sunday, we still have a ton of NAMM Show news to bring you. We try to filter through the announcements and find what’s really newsworthy, and that takes some time. Expect more news – and some surprises – to come later this week.

To everyone I met at this year’s show – I hope to see you again in 2013. And, if we didn’t connect this year, I hope we don’t have to wait until next year’s show.

Until next year, here’s another batch of photos from the 2012 NAMM Show.

One thought on “2012 Winter NAMM Show Wrap Up

  1. Awesome work guys, thanks for all the great coverage!

    If I could offer some blanket advice to the demonstrators from companies promoting their new product on a video at next years NAMM, it would be to STOP TALKING as soon as possible and PLAY YOUR GIZMO so we can hear what it really does. 🙂 In retrospect I find that I have more interest and resonance with products that had a musician showing them off than the ones that had marketers babbling about them.


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