Muse Updates Receptor OS To Version 2.0

Muse Research and Development has enhanced their RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models with the release of MUSE OS 2.0 software.

This new software version features a simple user interface that introduces the SoundFinder technology for organizing and navigating presets in the RECEPTOR. SoundFinder was first developed for their MuseBox product, but unlike MuseBox, the MUSE OS 2.0 supports up to 16-channels of synthesizers and audio effects.

Additionally, the software features enhanced MIDI functionality including full “MIDI learn” capability, as well as other advanced programming and preset functionality to make these models of RECEPTOR better than ever.

“RECEPTOR is a very powerful product, and by simplifying the user interface we believe that everyone can now take advantage of what it has to offer musicians, whether they play keys, guitar, drums, or engineer and produce records,” says Muse’s Bryan Lanser.

See the Muse site for details.

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