Nord Drum (In Depth Demo)

Here’s another look at the new Nord Drum virtual drum synthesizer, via the guys at Sonic State:

Tomas from Nord had it sussed I think, a quiet suite atop the massive Marriott Hotel just outside the Convention Centre, no shouting or excessive noise, and a nice view too.

It gave us the chance to take a closer look at the Nord Drum synthesizer which takes much from the legacy of the DDRUM – fast, tight triggering and combines the synthesis of Nords modelling technology to create a drum synthesizer designed to be gigged.

The Nord Drum features four voices, each with three synth elements (click, noise & tone) that are designed especially drum synthesis. The four jacks on the back let you hook up standard drum pads. You can also control the Nord Drum via MIDI.

Pricing and availability for the Nord Drum are to be announced.

15 thoughts on “Nord Drum (In Depth Demo)

  1. I don’t want to sound like a Reason fanboy, but youtube Kong and its virtual analog options. I understand it is hardware Vs software but i was expecting something more…

    Anyway, good luck Nord Drum.

  2. It’s red. If a guy’s playing a Nord keyboard (red) and a girl is playing the Nord drum synth, it will look cool on stage. I never leave my basement so it’s nothing to me, but for an entertainer it might be cool just because it’s red.

  3. Showing their gear from a hotel suite!! During tough times Nord are enjoying the money they make from selling expensive gear.
    They make nice synths and make a nice profit!! The cold economic winds will touch Sweden one day!! It smells like bankers syndrome the hotel suite to advertise some crap drum machine!!!

  4. Pity it didn’t have 2 modes. A VA mode and a Physical Modeling mode. A PhM drum synth in that format might be handy for getting a lot of exotic percussion like bells, gongs, ethnic drums etc into your live gig. As it stands it’s kind of the most boring option for drummers – an Alesis or Roland drumpad or even a second hand drum brain looks more appealing. What happened to Nord 🙁

  5. I understand that the Nord Drum is not a Roger Linn Drum Machine, but for under $500 what more do you expect. I might feel differently tomorrow when I take Delivery of one. But Clavia is a well rounded Company, who has always made cutting edge pieces for the most part and they continue to improve on their successes. It seems as though everybody has a better idea for a Synth or Drum Machine whenever a Company comes out with something new. Keep up the good work Clavia.

  6. I can forgive them for the miserable mono output…I mean ok, I can plug it to a moog and process the sound. I can forgive them for the miserable amount of voices. I mean, I can build a cool pattern out of just 4 percussion sounds. No wait…I cant…BECAUSE IT HAS NO ONBOARD SEQUENCER!!!

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