Synthesis Technology Intros New Eurorack Modules

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology was at the Analogue Haven booth introducing his latest modules:

  • The E610 USB Interface is a very interesting single row Eurorack USB to CV and Gate module. It’s designed for use with software plug-ins such as the Expert Sleepers Silent Way suite. Its class compliant though – which means you should be able to hook up your Mac, PC, iPad or Android device. Gets you thinking, doesn’t it?
  • The E335 Morphing Dual LFO is a cheaper version of the SynthTech Morphing Terranium, focusing on LFO use.

Schreiber says he’s working on the ‘3.0’ version of his SynthTech company/hobby, moving to automated production with surface mount parts and mass-producing his modules to be able to deliver them more reliably.

Note: The audio is bad on the first few seconds of this video.

Video via Sonic State

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