Jim Heintz Explains SynthX For The iPad

In this video, developer Jim Heintz (Way Out Ware) demos and explains his SynthX software synth for the iPad.

Heintz is also the creator of TimewARP 2600, KikAXXE and several other apps for desktop and iOS.

We had the opportunity to talk with Heintz at the show, and he’s got some interesting plans for SynthX. He didn’t want to set expectations for the update’s release, though, because he’s got some projects for third parties in the works.

if you’ve used SynthX, let us know what you think of it!

via macProVideoDotCom

5 thoughts on “Jim Heintz Explains SynthX For The iPad

  1. Definitely unjustly ignored,IMO.
    One of the most “playable” synths on my iPad. Don’t care for the retro look myself, though I do like how easy it is tweak.

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