The LFO 2.0 For Ableton Live

Developer Julien Bayle has introduced The LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live.

With LFO 2.0, you can modulate each parameters of your liveset in real time. You only have to drop it in a MIDI track, click on a button then click on the parameter you want to modulate and it works. You can use built-in waveforms or draw custom ones.


  • modulation of ALL parameters including tracks’ mixers (volume, panning, sends)
  • free or synced to transport
  • classic & raw waveforms (sine, ramp up, ramp down, saw, square, noise)
  • custom waveform available with the whiteboard to draw it with your mouse
  • presets & liveset friendly (all is saved with your liveset including the custom waveform)
  • undo history safe
  • LFO can control LFO to produce rich and complex modulations
  • MIDI thru compliant (you can use it directly in your MIDI instrument track)
  • GUI remixed
  • all LFO2.0 parameters auto mappable to APC40


  • Ableton Live 8.2.x
  • Max for Live
The update will be free to existing users. Release date is to be announced.

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  1. And what may I ask is up with the unbelievable LAME music???? WTF! This stuff is supposed to be about music isn’t it? Sheesh..take some lessons for God’s sake!!!

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